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Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014 - 9 months to go

Elder Creech, Elder Truscott, Elder Welsh, Elder Decebal Cuza, Elder Kupka,
 Valentine in the sweater, Arthur in the orange shirt,

Nadia in the striped skirt, Elder Tennant, and then kneeling down is
Phiphi in the black dress (that is a nickname, not sure her real name)
and then her daughter mini Phiphi. haha.

Mini Phiphi
This week has been a really hard one for me. I've been waiting for it to end. Ha ha. It just felt like nothing was working out this week! Like I felt I wasn't teaching well, people were was just a bad one.

We taught a decent amount of lessons this week, but for some reason I was just super hard on myself all week long. We averaged about 2 or 3 lessons a day, which wouldn't be so bad except on every day we had like 5 or 6 scheduled! People were dropping appointments telling us that "they'll call us when they are free" which basically usually means we'll never hear from them again.

Like the Hendricksa family, that father led family that said they received an answer about Joseph Smith.....they don't really want to sit with us anymore it seems like. The Christofel family, that other father led family that we were excited about, we showed up there for our appt and they were in PE for family things, which we understood, so we went back the next day to see if they were back, and the old lady who was there told us apparently they said we shouldn't come back cause they don't understand that religion of ours.  So we have to go and see what is up with that. Eldridge didn't hold either of his appointments, Melvin (that super sweet guy that works at McDonalds) is being transferred to King Williams Town for sure next month.....things weren't working out for us this week!!

I guess on the bright side the big 5 are still progressing. We talked with Claudia and Phelicia about tithing and fast offerings, and they were excited to pay them! Christina made it 6 days without smoking on her first try, which is good, and now we'll keep building on that. We talked to Claudia and Phelicia about their baptism date. Asked whether they want it moved back to be baptized as a group when Christina is ready, or if they just want to go ahead for the 9th.....they haven't told us yet, but they are cool. Probably the best thing about this week was our one appt with them. We were talking about the 10 commandments, and then in the middle of the lesson Claudia just stopped us and was like "umm guys, we are ready to be baptized". It was pretty cool.

Friday I was on exchanges with elder Decebal-Cuza, Kupka's son. It was a good exchange. We had a nice district meeting, and then had lunch and went out for the day! We taught a few lessons that day and not too much dropped. Decebal-Cuza is a really nice guy too. I like him. He's pretty funny.

This Sunday was a special conference as well. The Presiding Bishop, Gary E. Stevenson was here and spoke to us. So it was a special thing in the PE stake. It was nice, we met at the chapel and then transport took everyone down. We drove ourselves, but we had 5 people come to the conference! Christina, Claudia , Phelicia, Natasha, and Motlalepula all came and it was cool to see them make the effort since we had to be early at the chapel, around 7:30 for the transport. After the conference we had a nice lunch at the big 5 who stay in the other guys area, and then taught some good Sunday was the best day of the week I would say.

I am really hoping for a better week this week.

I can’t wait to hear from you guys.

I love you and miss you,

Elder Truscott

Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014

Elder Truscott, Elder Welsh, Mampho and,Motlalepula 

Elder Truscott with Bro. Ramano

Elder Welsh, Bro. Ramano, Elder Truscott

Elder Truscott petting a Cheetah
This week went by really fast....even though it was really slow. Ha ha. Lots of our appointments dropped this week, it seemed to be a trend after Tuesday.
But Tuesday was a powerful day! We taught a good amount of lessons and with some really exciting people. We saw that guy Jonathan, who is progressing well. We found out he's living with his girlfriend, so that will have to be addressed at a later date, but besides that he has a strong desire to learn and hear the gospel, so it's cool! Also we sat with a new family that we recently found, it's the Christophel (sp?) family. We were introduced to the mom a few weeks back, then we went and only found the husband home last week and then this week we went and the whole family was there. It's a really nice father led family, and during the lesson they were reading through the pamphlet and looked really interested! Were excited to see if they start progressing, cause were seeing them again tomorrow.
Then Tuesday night started a 24 hour appointment dropping spree. Our 6 and 7 dropped, and then all day Wednesday our appointments dropped until 6 and 7. We did some tracting through town and all that good stuff, but nobody that looks really promising came from it.

Thursday and Friday things got a bit better. We taught a few lessons. We’re still teaching the big 5. Claudia wants to be baptized really badly, and so does Phelicia I think, Claudia is just more vocal about it. Christina is quitting smoking so it will take a little more time. We are just going to ask them what they want, if they want to be baptized together and wait, or go as they are ready.  It was cool, on Friday night we got an SMS from Phelicia saying how we are such great Elders and that she invited all her friends from school to church! It was super nice :)  They are awesome.

Saturday was another slow one....we got to see Melvin though finally! That guy that works at Mcdonalds. Man, he's worked to the bone. He's a manager there and works constantly....and they said that they are going to move him to King Williams Town to open a new McD's store. It sucks and he looked like he was about to cry. Told us that he hasn't spent Christmas with his family for 5 years. I feel really bad for him, he wants to come to church and be baptized so badly but every weekend he gets   called into work. The good thing though is that there are missionaries in King that could continue to sit with him.

Sunday was really hot. It sucked. But we had a nice turnout in sacrament meeting! Christina, Claudia, and Phelicia came, and they brought Natasha, who's their cousin. Also Ramano, a member we've been working with, brought his child's mother Davidene, and Motlalepula went to church, but she attends in a different ward that's closer to her , so as soon as the boundaries change she'll be baptized there! So a total of 6 people, which is pretty good! Jonathan had to go get money for supper so he wasn't able to make it, and Melvin worked, and we’re hoping this week we get some of those people we've met really progressing.... It seems like were just in a slump of sorts. But it's been alright! The week wasn't too bad.
I love you and miss you guys!
Love, Elder Truscott

Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014

Elder Truscott with Lazola and Sihle 

Saying Goodbye to Lazola and Sihle 
This week we just did the same old same old....worked and tried to find some people to teach! But it was a good one I suppose.

Last Monday was incredibly one of the hottest days of my whole mission so far. We would go outside; and it would be BURNING! And then not just that, but instead of having a cool breeze, it was a hot wind! How is that possible?

The middle of the week was pretty average. We taught a good amount of lessons on Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday was kinda cool, we went to go and follow up on a referral named Jonathan. He had stopped the other Elders and said he wanted us to visit. So we did, and turns out that he had sat with missionaries in the past, but once he got work he stopped going to church, but now he wants to go back. So we introduced the restoration, and he told us that he had just been praying cause he thought the missionaries forgot about him! Kinda cool, invited us back the next day, so this week we got to see him like 3 times and then he came to church! Super cool!! We have high hopes!

Thursday was zone training and interviews, so all morning we were there. We had to walk actually.....our car has a leak, so when it rains the water gets in and it just pools in the back seat....which is pretty nasty, and it smells we took it in to Toyota on Thursday morning to see what they could find out, and then had to walk to the chapel for zone training. The training was great though. President Merrill's training was really good I thought.

Friday was weird. We were tracting around and then went to teach the big 5, so we were teaching the one sister the restoration, and in the middle of the lesson all these bumps started popping up on my hands!! Like my hand was red and tons of bumps! We just kept teaching, and then afterwards we went to the pharmacy, and they had kind of died down, and the pharmacist said it didn't look serious , but then that night there was some on my face I think too, still are.....and my skin was just crazy this weekend. Like even the Frans family noticed and was like "what happened to your skin?!"....I'm dying or something. So I'm getting all my sheets washed today and who knows....

Sunday was a great day! We had a nice turnout at sacrament meeting! Jonathan was there, Claudia and Phelicia, a guy named Neal who is dating a member, and Motlalepula went to church too but not in Uitenhage, so it was good!! The other guys had lots as well! And the meeting itself was really good.

It was a sad day at the same time.....Sunday Lazola and Sihle officially left to Tsitsikama. It sucked. It was tough, they wanted us to come over one last time after church to say goodbye, so we were there, and they were saying goodbye to mama Frans and it was so sad. Lazola was tearing up, and it was so sad, and then Mama Frans was talking to us, saying how grateful she is for how much we love her son and his wife, and she was crying, and Kupka and I were tearing up big time, and it was just a sad time....but we will definitely see them again. It was great to be able to get to know and love them so much while I've een here. They are great people and I’m glad that Lazola is progressing with work and having these opportunities.

All in all it was a good week! The big 5, especially Claudia, still really want to be baptized, and we are pushing for Nov. 9th with her, and then we have high hopes for Jonathan as well. We are trying to get more people really progressing, like moving towards baptism instead of just sitting with us and then not doing it's a struggle but were doing alright! I just hope my skin and bump problems go away!
I love and miss you so much!
Elder Truscott

Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014 - My time with Elder Carnieletto flew by.

Elder Truscott and Elder Carnieletto 

Elder Kupka and Elder Carnieletto

Elder Ndlovu and Elder Truscott

Elder Welsh is Elder Truscott's new comp from Wales, UK
My time with Elder Carnieletto flew by. Haha. When I was writing in his journal on Tuesday night it made me realize how quickly the past 3 months went here in Uitenhage! We had some great times and memories.
Last Monday of course we found out transfer news, so Tuesday we were out saying goodbyes to each of the families that Carnieletto wanted to. He packed and we said goodbyes throughout the whole day. It was nice, but sad at the same time for him, the people here are great. The Frans house turned into another goodbye like Kivleys, and after that we went back home so Carnieletto could finish up packing and stuff.
Wednesday was a loooong day. Haha. We had to be in PE to drop Carnieletto at the bus stop at 6:30, so we had to wake up around 5 and then leave soon after to make it safe.  So we dropped him off fine and then Kupka and I were in PE hanging out until our comps came in from Cape Town. Haha, we were super hungry cause we figured we'd just eat breakfast in PE, so we went out to find a place. We didn't really want Mcdonalds cause we had just had it, and Spur, a pretty big restaurant chain here, was closed. We were at a big hotel called boardwalk, so we walked in cause we saw the sign for their restaurant. We went in, and when they told us the breakfast buffet was 185 Rand each....we left and waited for Spur to open. Hahaha. We had breakfast finally and then met up with Elder Tennant who was dropping off Ndlovu at the airport....he's home now.....and then waited around. Picked up Sanders, picked up our new companions, and then went back to Uitenhage. After that we got Tennant and went back to PE to get his comp, Elder Creech (remember him!?) who came in by bus at 6.....then back home again. Made for a loooong day that is for sure. Haha. I was exhausted.
But ya, I'm with Elder Welsh. He's from the UK, and lived in Wales before coming here! He's a quiet guy, who's been on mission for 4 ½ months now.
Thursday onwards we just had some good appts, it was a nice week of teaching and stuff. A few dropped appointments, but it's part of it I guess.
Here's a cool story though. So a few weeks ago Carnieletto and I were eating at Mcdonalds, and this guy just came up and was like "hey Elders" and then explained that he was almost baptized but then work transferred him to an area called Jeffrey's bay. We asked if he still had that desire and he said yes and gave us his details, and his name is Melvin. Well this week on Thursday he invited us to his house to sit with him, and he is awesome. Was scheduled to be baptized on the 17th of some month long ago, but then moved on the 15th! He said he doesn't care if he has to start all over he'll do it. So we are just going through the lessons again, but he remembers lots! It was sweet, we taught the restoration, and then asked when we could come back....."tomorrow". That is the first time someone has invited me back the next day! He wants to sit with us like every day! It's been super good so far and I can easily see him being baptized soon!
So we taught some good appts this week, and then Saturday night we watched the morning session of conference live. It was really nice actually.
Sunday for some reason we had normal church, so we had church at 9, and then we were supposed to watch the priesthood session at 11....technical difficulties and we ended up sitting there for an hour and a half, never watched it. But then Sunday night we got to watch a session at 6, and it was alright. I didn't like it as well as the other session we watched, but whatever. Phelicia of the Big 5 came, and  from the other side of the Big 5, who now stay in the other guys area, Valentine came. So it was nice! Sacrament was alright too, and we had Claudia, Phelicia, and Busi there, and the other guys got Valentine and Nadia to come, so all but one of the original big 5 were home at church :) haha. Claudia really wants to be baptized as well, which were happy about!
The work is going on I guess. New companion and new transfer, and I'm sure it will be a good one!
Elder Truscott