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Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

Elder Kupka, Elder Ndlovu, Elder Carnieletto and Elder Truscott

Elder Truscott with Eldridge
This week was overall a super fun one. I wasn't sure how the tripanionship was going to work out, but it was super good! I really enjoyed it :) even though it sucked that Kivley was gone, we had a nice last week of this transfer with all 3 of us.
Last Monday we didn't do anything special.....just hung out around Uitenhage. The big thing this week was teaching obviously cause we had to cover both of our areas, so for most of the days we were pretty busy from about 1 o'clock onwards. We taught really well though! Like we would just transition and the other would go, kind of teaching in a circle, and it was really good!
The highlight lesson was probably the one on Friday where we taught a new family that the other guys gave us as a referral. We had Sihle and Lazola with us, and we taught the entire restoration to this family, and it went really, really well. The family was asking good questions and answering our questions well, Lazola and Sihle bore great testimony, and then after we left Sihle was like "wow, I've never felt the spirit like that, that was a great lesson" and was super excited about it! It was pretty cool! But ya, our days this week were spent teaching and going to make visits.
Friday was district meeting, and it was Elder Kupka's first district meeting that he was giving. The zone leaders joined us, and it was Elder Ndlovu's last one cause he's going home. Ha ha. It was a really good one though, Kupka did really good.
Sunday was good too. Eldridge and Asanda were confirmed members of the church and given the gift of the Holy Ghost! It was a rainy day yesterday so a total of 3 investigators from both of our areas went to church, but the important thing was that Eldridge and Asanda made it, which they did. They are going to be great members!
After church we had a nice lunch with the Devinish family, and then got soaked as we went about  working, ha ha. Rain was coming down hard! But the transfer is over. Totally sucks. The last 3 months with Carnieletto have gone really fast and it's been lots of fun! But I'll be here in Uitenhage and next transfer will hopefully be a good one as well!
I love you so much and miss you like crazy. I am just trying to do good over here. I love you and am so grateful for all your support!

Elder Truscott

Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014 Then Sunday was the real highlight!! So Eldridge was baptized after church!

Elder Truscott, Elder Kupka, Elder Kivley and Elder Carnieletto
Enjoying McFlurries as a goodbye to Elder Kivley

Elder Truscott with Eldridge and Elder Carnieletto

Elder Truscott, New member Eldridge, Elder Carnieletto,Elder Kivley New member Asanda and Elder Kupka 
Happy and Sad week this week, haha. this morning the Zone Leaders came and took Elder Kivley to the airport.....he's going to Cape Town to be Zone Leader in the stead of Hlophe, but it's a sad one for us, cause Kivley is awesome. But happy cause Eldridge was officially baptized this Sunday!!! And it went great!

Last Monday we just hung out around Uitenhage and got the food and stuff to cook for the Frans'. So just an average p day. Lazola wanted to come out with us every day this past week, so every day we would pick him up from work, then Sihle wanted to come as well, so we'd go get her and then go teach. It was a nice thing to have both of them there, and I think it really helped with the people! It was pretty much an average week this one....all week there isn't much to tell besides the fact that we were teaching and stuff!
Saturday night, since we knew Kivley was leaving, we went to Guidos one last time together. Had a nice dinner there, even sang Kivley a song for goodbye, haha.

Then Sunday was the real highlight!! So Eldridge was baptized after church! He was super excited, and he and a guy named Asanda were both baptized. It was cool. Carnieletto baptized Eldridge, Kivley baptized Asanda, Kupka spoke on baptism, and I spoke on the Holy Ghost. At church, Eldridge and Busi were there, and we really wanted the big 5 to see the baptism cause we've been talking lots about it with them, so we called them second hour, and they came just for the baptism! It was awesome, and the spirit was really strong there and I think especially Claudia and Christina felt it. After church we had lunch at the Septembers home, and then Elder Carnieletto and I had some appointments to go to while the other guys took the car so Kivley could go and say some goodbyes. Our appointments weren't I heard about the story of a false prophet named William Branham for an hour....and the other was a nice chat but his family wasn't home. We joined the other guys for the final few goodbyes, at the Tschibos, and then at the Frans'. Haha, the Frans' turned into a water fight, and we dedicated the home, it's gonna suck to have to leave them!
But It was an alright week in terms of lessons,  But we are in a tripanionship this week! Working all of Uitenhage, haha, should be busy.

Elder Truscott

Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014

This week was just an average one for Elder Carnieletto and I. It was actually pretty slow cause lots of appointments dropped. But that is ok, cause next week when I email Eldridge will have officially been baptized :) But we found a couple new investigators, and a few father led families here that should be really great to start teaching!
Last Monday was obviously super sweet. Petting lions and stuff! Awesome. And then the normal working week started Tuesday. Eldridge was working this week, so we didn't get to see him the usual Tuesday and Thursday, so already it was a slower week with 2 less appts. Wally dropped us on Tuesday. Told us we didn't ever have to come back cause he was still wanting his church.  But it was kinda cool, so this fast Sunday I fasted for quite a few things.....but in the list of reasons was that We would have some progressing investigators and the work would go well. So Wally dropped us, whatever. Later that night we sat with the Hendricksa family, who we had only taught the restoration and Joseph Smith to. We committed them last week to pray, and when we got there this week we could tell something was different. They told us that they felt they had received an answer to their prayers, through feelings of peace, that it was true and Joseph Smith was a true prophet! Sweet!! So we taught the BOM and committed them to pray about that! Were excited though! Slow mid week of appts, and then Friday I was with Elder Kivley on exchanges. He came to my area, so we visited a few of our investigators. Busi, and the big 5 (who accepted baptism but no date....still not really coming to church). It was a great day, and I learned a lot from Kivley. He's a great teacher, and he had some referrals for us to follow up on this week too! And it was funny, we were joking with the big 5 that we would help milk the cows.....and guess what. Saturday morning they called and we went and milked them! hahahaha.
Saturday we only had one real appt. it was with Simba, that guy I met at the grocery store. Well last week we gave him the restoration pamphlet, and he read it all and we discussed it with him! Lazola and Sihle came along, after we interrupted their date at KFC. Ha ha, we were walking past; and they waved us in, bought us ice cream, and then wanted to come fellowshipping! They are great people. Simba pretty much understood everything, even explained the Aaronic and Melchezidek priesthood (which never happens the 2nd appt)! He had questions about the Book of Mormon. What it was and he wanted one. He is really promising, the only problem is that he works on Sundays.....but that can be sorted.
Sunday was good as well. After church we had Eldridge's baptism interview, which he did great in and will be baptized this coming Sunday!! We are so happy for him! He's awesome. So he was at church, and also Busi (who is a girl and still doesn’t have a date for baptism yet) and Phelicia were there! After the interview we had a few appts. So Friday night we were at KFC and this guy waved me over and started talking to me, so long story short we visited him, introduced the message, and who knows we'll see! After that we had a referral from the other guys to follow up on. Apparently they met this guy wasted as can be on the road and he said he wanted missionaries to come....well we had nothing else to do so we went to see him. Father led family, and super nice people! Invited us right in and we shared a bit about what we do and stuff, and they were super interested! It was super cool! So we are seeing a few more father led families after this week, which is super cool even though so many appts dropped this week!
So this week will be the last normal week of the transfer.....cause week 6 Kupka is going to be with us in a tripanionship and Kivley will be in Cape Town! Elder Hlophe is going home early for school stuff, and he was zone leader in Cape Town. We thought it might happen, but this week President called and told Kivley that he's going zone leader and replacing him, so he's leaving next Monday! Then Kupka is going to train here but for the week in between he's going to be with us, so we will be covering both areas. It will be hectic for sure! Haha. But this upcoming week should be a good one! We have some good appts set, and we are shooting for baptizing Eldridge on Sunday!

Elder Truscott

Monday, September 8, 2014

9-8-14 This week was a great one here in Uitenhage

We went to Seaview Lion Park I got to pet a lion, a tiger, a cub puma, and a cub jaguar!
Pretty sweet!

I'm emailing a lot later than usual today...cause guess what I just did this morning!! We went to Seaview Lion Park I got to pet a lion, a tiger, a cub puma, and a cub jaguar! Pretty sweet! The cub leopard wasn’t available for me to pet was up on a roof and they couldn’t take it down, but it was suuuper cool!! We phoned this morning to make sure that they are available, and then us, the Zone Leaders, and the Kwano Elders went down to pet some stuff! It was really cool. The lioness and the Tiger were pretty big, you will see in the pics, and the others were still pretty small...but it was super cool!

This week was a great one here in Uitenhage! One of the most powerful I've had I would say in terms of lessons. Besides the fact that it was FREAKING HOT! Apparently some hot air came through from some desert near here, and made it for a REALLY hot few days here. haha.
Last Monday we just chilled here, didn't do much of anything.....but it was kinda nice. Just an average P day.

Tuesday things picked up like they usually do, only this time we had most of our appointments hold! It was a great week in terms of appointments. So we saw Wally, then picked up Beast and saw a girl named Motlalepula,who missionaries had seen in the past but because of car problems stopped, cause she lives far away. So we finally were able to meet her and start sitting with her again.

Wednesday we took Lazola, Beasts older brother, out fellowshipping with us. We picked him up from work at 1 and then went out for our day of appointments. So it was kinda cool, on Monday we were shopping at the grocery store, and one of the workers just came up and started asking me about the church and what we I got his name and phone number, and he told me he was off on Wednesday. So I gave him a call and we met at 2 that day. He's really cool, and asked great questions, and said there was a "void" at the church he's going to now. Lazola was great and the guy, who's name is Simba, was really interested. Then our next appointment was with the big 5, and we were talking about the plan of salvation, about our life on earth and where we go after. It was the most powerful lesson I've had with them. Lazola was awesome, answering questions and testifying, and I think they really felt it. It was sweet. The rest of the week we just had our scheduled appointments and taught lessons, or tried to visit and find people. It was good though.

Friday was Carnieletto's one year mark, so we ate out and he burned a shirt.

Church on Sunday was good and bad I suppose. We walked to church with the big 5, even though it was Christina and her daughter Bianca, Claudia, and Phelicia, so 3 of them came....and then we had Busi, Eldridge, and one of the members little sisters who's 10 and not baptized. So it was a good turnout I'd say. Bad part, was that Sihle, Lazolas wife, told us that Lazola got a job out of Uitenhage and that they are leaving this that suuper sucks. But it's good for them so I guess I can't be too angry, except that there's no church where they're going, so he'll have to start a group or something. But it will work out. They are such awesome people. Eldridge is still shooting for the 21st of this month, so it's coming up soon! Just a few weeks, and I think he's really exciting and doing the right things. We're really happy for him! Busi is coming along good too. I would say she's ready for a baptism date, but we just want her mom to be involved more....but we might just go ahead and progress her... We'll see.

We found a few new investigators to see this week, so it's always good to keep building on our pool. We found that Simba guy, Motlalepula, and a lady named Luche who all sat with us this week and want to learn more! So we're happy. Next week should be good as well....besides Lazola and Sihle are moving, so we are going to try and do something nice for them.....but we have a good amount of appointments set up and it'll be a good one.
I miss you guys!
Elder Truscott

Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1, 2014

Zone Conference with Carl B. Cook, First Quorum of the Seventy

The Frans family with the Uintenhage Elders

Sunday night all four of us missionaries went and cooked for the big 5 family :) 

For me it was another week down here in Uitenhage! It was a decent one actually, no complaints.
Last Monday we just did average p day stuff. Shopping, got ready, and went to an FHE. The FHE was with the Tschikila family. They moved to Joburg this week, so we went on Monday as one last FHE with them. It was nice, and the father, Bro. Xhanti, is a super powerful guy.
Tuesday we had a good amount of lessons and they mostly held! We taught five lessons, and had time to get the car window fixed cause we had Zone Conference on Wednesday!
The window actually turned out not to matter though.....cause we came outside Wednesday morning to go to conference and the tire was flat. Ha ha. And since we don't have the tools to repair it, we called the zone leaders and we rode with them into PE. The Zone Conference was nice though. Carl B. Cook, who is in the First Quorum of the Seventy came and gave us a training, plus President Merrill did as well I liked them both.....just training after training. But it was good to see other Elders.
The rest of the week we just taught and tried to find more people. Made visits and stuff, and we actually did get a few people from old progress records that we sat with or that we made more appointments with, so fingers crossed that it goes well with those!
Sunday was a good day as well. Church was nice, But we didn't have too many investigators there. Eldridge was there (which was good cause on Thursday we taught him about temples and family history work cause he had questions on it) and then Busi came as well. None of the big 5 were there....I'm worried about their sincerity and stuff. Cause they are still young. Sunday after church we had a super nice lunch at the Tschibo home, and then we had a powerful lesson with a guy named Siya. He is one of the ones on the old progress records. We sat with him and his cousin, and they were really interested, and were asking great questions. It was awesome! The cousin stays in Kwano, and said he even wants missionaries to visit him there to teach him more! So that was super cool, it's always nice to have a powerful lesson. But on Sunday night all four of us missionaries went and cooked for the big 5 family :) It started when the one lady cooked chicken feet for us, we said that we'd return the favor and cook for them too, so we cooked them pasta and a sauce with chicken and stuff.
It was nice actually, and it was lots of fun :) a nice way to end the week. Ha ha. But that's about it for last week. Hopefully the appointments hold this week, cause we have a few days with a good amount!

Elder Truscott