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Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014 ..... This week was a good one!! Officially 12 months in SA!!

Elder Carnieletto and Elder Truscott "Juicy Boys" with Akhona

Elder Truscott, Elder Carnieletto, Elder Kivley and Elder Kupka, at Guidos,

 1 Year out!  It was time to burn the shirt!!

This week was a good one!! Officially 12 months in SA!! My year mark was Friday so now the clocks have turned and it's a count down!  :) ha ha.
Last Monday, like you know I went and rode elephants, so that was super fun!! Today we are just chilling cause there isn't much going on. There aren't even sports happening, which is weird for mission.
So Tuesday was a members birthday, and I'm pretty big on getting the people a cake for their birthday cause I feel like they really like it, so Elder Carnieletto and I got her one. It's funny, when we were at that young men's thing a while back the leader said we could make the juice, and we called ourselves the juicy boys, and it stuck.....ha ha. So on the cake it says from the juicy boys, and we all had a good laugh. It was pretty funny. Haha.
Wednesday and Thursday were just average days. We had a few appointments and a few dropped ones! Ha ha, but it think this is Carnieletto and I were talking, and he was trying to say moth, we were talking about what was smashed on the wall, and he couldn't think of the word, so he said "night butterfly" hahaha. I thought it was funny.
Then Friday was the special day!!! July 25 meaning that one year ago from then I was walking into the Joburg MTC!! I got to open that package that you guys sent me with the cards and camel in it :) I waited! Ha ha. But thank you very much. I really loved the cards and everything :) I will try to be like the camel!
The day was just average, we had some appointments and then after them we met up with the other 2 in Uitenhage, Elder Kivley and Elder Kupka, and we had a little celebration :) we went to Guidos, which is pretty much one of the only real restaurants in Uitenhage. We went all out though ;) haha. I got mushroom balls and escargot for the starters for us just to say we did, and then we all had big meals and dessert. It was super nice! The waitress was a total bad. She starts taking our order and we tell her we want water, and then she's all disappointed, so I ask what juices they have. Well she figured out that we weren't from here, and she was like "oh, then nothing I'm saying is making any sense to you!" And then starts trying to explain to me what juice is.....mental! Ha ha. So after that we just messed with her the whole meal....asking what things were and how we eat them.... She explained what a baked potato is and how to eat it.....ha ha ha ha, it was super funny.
After dinner, it was time to burn the shirt!!  :) Elder Carnieletto and I rigged up a pole and hanger to put my shirt on, and then we went out to a road that wouldn't be any problems and we burnt the shirt.....the ceremonial shirt burning was pretty cool too. :)
Saturday and Sunday were slow for appointments and stuff....but Sunday was a good day!! We had 6 investigators at sacrament meeting! We had Eldridge, who is the champ of Uitenhage so far and if he keeps up his no smoking will be baptized pretty soon! Then we had one of the members boyfriends, a members friend that we've been teaching named Busi, and then three girls just walked in from out of nowhere and we started talking to them. Turns out missionaries visited them a loooong time ago and they had a problem with their church and remembered ours! So they came and we made an appointment for later this week! It will be super cool since they've already been to church! I think it'll be good. :) We're still trying to find more and more people, but this week we did alright, we got 5 new investigators so hopefully out of those and the ones we have people start to really progress!
Love you and miss you!
Elder Truscott

Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014 ……. Well we are back from the elephants today!!

Well we are back from the elephants today!! It was actually really cool this time too! We got to ride them this morning, and we rode them around the fields past some buck and zebras, and then afterward we got to feed the elephants :) It was super cool!! At this place we all got to be on our own elephant with a guide, so it was pretty sweet, and then afterwards, even though the actual riding was shorter, the guy brought out a big bucket of food and we got feed the elephants and take pics and stuff! It was really nice :)
Well this week the work was pretty slow. Last Monday we went into Kwano Buhle to play some soccer, and it was pretty fun, there was a good amount of missionaries there, and then there were some members from Kwano who came and played, so it was nice I guess.....just an average p day. Ha ha. Not as good as this was fun!
Tuesday we had a few appointments, most of them dropped so we were trying to visit people and make appointments, which kinda worked, not too good though. But that night the senior couple in PE, the Blatters, had a get together thing with all the missionaries around and it was nice. We had a little thought, introduced ourselves, and then had brownies and ice cream :)
Friday we had zone interviews and training here in Uitenhage, so it was the first training and interviews with the new Mission President! President Merrill is good, he's a funny guy, and the interview was just kind of a get to know you session. But it was nice!
So the young men were doing a camp this weekend, and the leaders wanted Carnieletto and I to go Friday night and just speak to the Young Men about missions and preparation and stuff like that. So after the training we went up, it wasn't far at all, and spoke there. It was really nice!
This weekend we had a few appointments and then the Young Women's Presidency (I think) wants to start working more to reactivate and strengthen the Young Women, so we went with them to a bunch of member visits and less actives this weekend.
Church was super funny we had an investigator come, named Eldridge, so that was super cool! He's a cool guy, and once he keeps the word of wisdom he'll be golden! But anyways, in priesthood this member guy, he's an older guy who's pretty crazy, stands up and just farts. Like super loud it was hilarious!! So that was a highlight of church for me :) ha ha.
Like I said, this week was pretty slow work wise, but we found a few new investigators so we are hopefully going to start having more and more appointments!
I love you and miss you like crazy!
Elder Truscott

Monday, July 14, 2014

Wednesday I got here to Uitenhage

Elder Truscott at the two oceans aquarium

Elder Truscott and his new companion Elder Carnieletto
Dang.....only 6 weeks in table view! It pretty much sucked getting transfer news....cause I wasn't expecting to leave at all!! So last Monday we went to the aquarium. It was actually pretty cool! I really liked it! It is the two oceans aquarium, cause the two oceans meet at at Cape Point, get it ;) And there are pretty sweet fish and sharks and stuff there.
Monday night we had an FHE with the Sebonyane family, and then after that, pretty late actually, the AP's called to give us the news. At the FHE I heard rumors come through that we were both leaving.....but then they called to confirm it! I went to Uitenhage with Elder Carnieletto! He is Italian, and super cool. He's been out only one transfer less than I have, and so far (even though I've been sick) we're getting along good.  So 6 weeks back in Cape Town and then poof, back to the Eastern Cape.
Monday night I was up pretty late frantically packing, and then Tuesday was a crazy day. We got all of our stuff packed. And I ended up buying a box to put tons of stuff in storage cause I had lots and wasn't expecting to move......and then we went and said our goodbyes. Even though I was only there for 6 weeks there were some investigators and ward members who I really miss and am actually really  bummed I didn't get to spend more time with....but we said all of our goodbyes on Tuesday and actually made one stop on Wednesday morning before going to the mission home.
We had to be at the mission home at 11 on Wednesday, and then at 11:30 they took us to the airport. I was flying to PE, and Pulu was flying to East London, his final destination was Mtata. Well I nearly missed the flight myself.....since I had so much crap I had to check an extra bag, and then pay for my overweight the line wasn't going anywhere and time just kept ticking bye....finally a guy let me cut him in the elite line , and I payed. So then the guy at the desk who I had to give the receipt and ticket to so he would put my bag through ran over and took them. Fine. And when we went back over he had no idea what we were talking about when we said he took them! Finally he pulled it out, and Elder Whitworth just grabbed my ticket and was like "thanks!" And we ran towards security. Went through security (at this point all the other Elders had gone through) and ran to the terminal. They were already on the bus to go to the plane and I ran in just in time......phew I was close on that one. Ha ha. I think I want to drop some KG's of stuff so that doesn't happen again. Ha ha ha.
Wednesday I got here to Uitenhage with Carnieletto. And it was alright, met a few families and got unpacked .....and then Thursday destroyed me. When I woke up Thursday I had a headache and stiff neck and sore back, like it was so painful. I couldn't turn my neck it felt like there was just air pressure inside of it! And plus my stomach hurt like Thursday sucked. Then Friday it was pretty much the same thing only lessened. I started taking some pills, like Motrin and other stuff. And Sunday I felt pretty good. Still when I wake up my neck is kinda sore.....which is annoying, but I think I'm getting there. Ha ha.
Uitenhage now! It should be alright, there aren't many investigators at all right now, so we'll have to try and find some people to teach! The chapel is nice, but it's far from our area, and apparently there are rumors of a unit being opened in our area, which would be cool!
I have been dying over here and it sucks without you here for me! I don’t know how to help myself! Ha ha ha ha.
I love you and miss you like crazy!

Elder Truscott

Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7 2014

Elder Truscott and Elder Swacina 

Elder's Eating Pizza at Panorrotis
This week started off reallllllly slow. Haha. Monday night Pulu wasn't feeling very well, and all day Tuesday he was super sick. The zone leaders came for studies with us, so I was studying and Pulu was in bed, and then he decided he didn't feel good enough to go out that we stayed home and he slept all day trying to feel better. Made for a boring day. Haha, I was reading Jesus the Christ.  Wednesday I went on exchanges with Elder Swacina,  it was actually nice because Pulu was still really sick. So I went out to Swacina's area, and Pulu and Rasmussen stayed in the boarding while Pulu rested.
Thursday we went out and tried to start getting all caught up, so we worked all day and then the zone had planned to go to dinner at a place called Panorrotis. It’s a pizza place, and on Thursday nights they have a special where it's all you can eat. Oh. My. Gosh. The mission record was 42 pieces of pizza....and Pulu decided to beat that. Ha ha ha. He ate 43 slices of pizza! Then he was bursting at the seams...haha.
Friday was the 4th of July!! Not really a holiday here, so there wasn't any fire work shows or anything.....but the zone planned to go out to dinner that night again. We all went to a place called starlight diner. I guess missionaries say it's an "American-like" little diner. So we went there on Friday night after the day of work and it was really nice! It was lots of fun :)  We actually had lots of little get togethers this week as a zone! Ha ha, on Saturday we all went to Elder Beckstead and Cosseys boarding to have lunch. Cossey apparently loves he said that he would make tacos if we all brought something to chip in. So the zone went there on Saturday afternoon! We brought sour cream, chips, and salsa, and the others all brought stuff, and we had a really good time!
Sunday was church as usual.... Nothing too exciting! Yomi is a champ though! We asked him this week if he thought he was ready for baptism, and he said yes! So we are going to go through the requirements with him this week and make sure he's living everything. And if he is it should go pretty smoothly :) he even walked to church this week without his brother, which is who he usually comes with :)
Also at church there was a sister Vuyo. She is an investigator that we have that I've never been able to see all transfer! Her husband is a member and they have a couple little kids, and it's amazing how since I've never been able to meet her, she comes to church on Pulus last Sunday there so I can be introduced. She's really cool though, and I'm hoping we can start teaching her regularly!
This week we got a few referrals. We have been handing out the pass along cards with the "SMS this number with your name and address for a free DVD" thing, so we got a few of those DVD's this week. We've been trying to contact them all. Also. This is kinda cool. A referral came in through the phone and also with a Book of Mormon, and this guys name is Jimmy. The missionaries in Zimbabwe had been teaching him, and they said he had been taught everything, and was ready for baptism! We have called him a few times, but every time he's been out, so this week I'm going to really focus on finding this guy! That would be pretty cool if he's completely ready!
This week, with Pulu being sick half of it, we weren't able to see as many people as I would have liked, but we got to start getting caught up, and hopefully next week is better. We are still seeing Donald, Kevin and Tania, the Zulu family, and a few others that I have high hopes for!
Transfer news is tonight too!! I'm sure Pulu Is I will just be waiting to hear who my new companion will be!

Love, Elder Truscott