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Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014 - My time with Elder Carnieletto flew by.

Elder Truscott and Elder Carnieletto 

Elder Kupka and Elder Carnieletto

Elder Ndlovu and Elder Truscott

Elder Welsh is Elder Truscott's new comp from Wales, UK
My time with Elder Carnieletto flew by. Haha. When I was writing in his journal on Tuesday night it made me realize how quickly the past 3 months went here in Uitenhage! We had some great times and memories.
Last Monday of course we found out transfer news, so Tuesday we were out saying goodbyes to each of the families that Carnieletto wanted to. He packed and we said goodbyes throughout the whole day. It was nice, but sad at the same time for him, the people here are great. The Frans house turned into another goodbye like Kivleys, and after that we went back home so Carnieletto could finish up packing and stuff.
Wednesday was a loooong day. Haha. We had to be in PE to drop Carnieletto at the bus stop at 6:30, so we had to wake up around 5 and then leave soon after to make it safe.  So we dropped him off fine and then Kupka and I were in PE hanging out until our comps came in from Cape Town. Haha, we were super hungry cause we figured we'd just eat breakfast in PE, so we went out to find a place. We didn't really want Mcdonalds cause we had just had it, and Spur, a pretty big restaurant chain here, was closed. We were at a big hotel called boardwalk, so we walked in cause we saw the sign for their restaurant. We went in, and when they told us the breakfast buffet was 185 Rand each....we left and waited for Spur to open. Hahaha. We had breakfast finally and then met up with Elder Tennant who was dropping off Ndlovu at the airport....he's home now.....and then waited around. Picked up Sanders, picked up our new companions, and then went back to Uitenhage. After that we got Tennant and went back to PE to get his comp, Elder Creech (remember him!?) who came in by bus at 6.....then back home again. Made for a loooong day that is for sure. Haha. I was exhausted.
But ya, I'm with Elder Welsh. He's from the UK, and lived in Wales before coming here! He's a quiet guy, who's been on mission for 4 ½ months now.
Thursday onwards we just had some good appts, it was a nice week of teaching and stuff. A few dropped appointments, but it's part of it I guess.
Here's a cool story though. So a few weeks ago Carnieletto and I were eating at Mcdonalds, and this guy just came up and was like "hey Elders" and then explained that he was almost baptized but then work transferred him to an area called Jeffrey's bay. We asked if he still had that desire and he said yes and gave us his details, and his name is Melvin. Well this week on Thursday he invited us to his house to sit with him, and he is awesome. Was scheduled to be baptized on the 17th of some month long ago, but then moved on the 15th! He said he doesn't care if he has to start all over he'll do it. So we are just going through the lessons again, but he remembers lots! It was sweet, we taught the restoration, and then asked when we could come back....."tomorrow". That is the first time someone has invited me back the next day! He wants to sit with us like every day! It's been super good so far and I can easily see him being baptized soon!
So we taught some good appts this week, and then Saturday night we watched the morning session of conference live. It was really nice actually.
Sunday for some reason we had normal church, so we had church at 9, and then we were supposed to watch the priesthood session at 11....technical difficulties and we ended up sitting there for an hour and a half, never watched it. But then Sunday night we got to watch a session at 6, and it was alright. I didn't like it as well as the other session we watched, but whatever. Phelicia of the Big 5 came, and  from the other side of the Big 5, who now stay in the other guys area, Valentine came. So it was nice! Sacrament was alright too, and we had Claudia, Phelicia, and Busi there, and the other guys got Valentine and Nadia to come, so all but one of the original big 5 were home at church :) haha. Claudia really wants to be baptized as well, which were happy about!
The work is going on I guess. New companion and new transfer, and I'm sure it will be a good one!
Elder Truscott

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