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Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014

Elder Truscott, Elder Welsh, Mampho and,Motlalepula 

Elder Truscott with Bro. Ramano

Elder Welsh, Bro. Ramano, Elder Truscott

Elder Truscott petting a Cheetah
This week went by really fast....even though it was really slow. Ha ha. Lots of our appointments dropped this week, it seemed to be a trend after Tuesday.
But Tuesday was a powerful day! We taught a good amount of lessons and with some really exciting people. We saw that guy Jonathan, who is progressing well. We found out he's living with his girlfriend, so that will have to be addressed at a later date, but besides that he has a strong desire to learn and hear the gospel, so it's cool! Also we sat with a new family that we recently found, it's the Christophel (sp?) family. We were introduced to the mom a few weeks back, then we went and only found the husband home last week and then this week we went and the whole family was there. It's a really nice father led family, and during the lesson they were reading through the pamphlet and looked really interested! Were excited to see if they start progressing, cause were seeing them again tomorrow.
Then Tuesday night started a 24 hour appointment dropping spree. Our 6 and 7 dropped, and then all day Wednesday our appointments dropped until 6 and 7. We did some tracting through town and all that good stuff, but nobody that looks really promising came from it.

Thursday and Friday things got a bit better. We taught a few lessons. We’re still teaching the big 5. Claudia wants to be baptized really badly, and so does Phelicia I think, Claudia is just more vocal about it. Christina is quitting smoking so it will take a little more time. We are just going to ask them what they want, if they want to be baptized together and wait, or go as they are ready.  It was cool, on Friday night we got an SMS from Phelicia saying how we are such great Elders and that she invited all her friends from school to church! It was super nice :)  They are awesome.

Saturday was another slow one....we got to see Melvin though finally! That guy that works at Mcdonalds. Man, he's worked to the bone. He's a manager there and works constantly....and they said that they are going to move him to King Williams Town to open a new McD's store. It sucks and he looked like he was about to cry. Told us that he hasn't spent Christmas with his family for 5 years. I feel really bad for him, he wants to come to church and be baptized so badly but every weekend he gets   called into work. The good thing though is that there are missionaries in King that could continue to sit with him.

Sunday was really hot. It sucked. But we had a nice turnout in sacrament meeting! Christina, Claudia, and Phelicia came, and they brought Natasha, who's their cousin. Also Ramano, a member we've been working with, brought his child's mother Davidene, and Motlalepula went to church, but she attends in a different ward that's closer to her , so as soon as the boundaries change she'll be baptized there! So a total of 6 people, which is pretty good! Jonathan had to go get money for supper so he wasn't able to make it, and Melvin worked, and we’re hoping this week we get some of those people we've met really progressing.... It seems like were just in a slump of sorts. But it's been alright! The week wasn't too bad.
I love you and miss you guys!
Love, Elder Truscott

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