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Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23, 2015

 I gave Bro. Badi those gushers and sour patch you sent...he was very grateful :)

Iviwe did great on his interview, and Elder Ratema got to baptize his first person this week!

Elder Truscott and Sis. Xalabile.

The highlight of my week, of course was Wednesday night when I woke up at 1 a.m. to a crack....and I was back to hillbilly Truscott. hahaha. 
Well this week was a bit of a slower one in Sada.
This transfer is going kind of slow...but with that being said it’s already week 4 of week I guess it will be over soon!
Last Monday we just went and did some shopping and then I tried to get a nap in before we had to get up to plan for the next didn’t work too well. I mostly just laid there in the heat and had a nice rest, but unfortunately there was no sleeping involved...I did get to go to bed earlier that night though and it felt nice.
Grant and Shanice's news is awesome!! Talking to them was awesome, and when Shanice told me that they were engaged I was super excited, and then of course when she said that they were waiting for us to be there for the wedding I was so happy, not only for them but that I got to see that! Man I love them :)
The highlight of my week, of course was Wednesday night when I woke up at 1 a.m. to a crack....and I was back to hillbilly Truscott. hahaha. I was pretty nervous....but afterwards I guess it wasn’t that big of a deal. I just chalked it up to the fact that I was preaching too much fire and my teeth couldn’t handle it.
This week in terms of lessons was a bit slower. We are doing some finding, this week not as much, but it just feels like everyone we find doesn’t progress that far. I guess it’s a numbers game though. I gave Bro. Badi those gushers and sour patch you sent...he was very grateful :) I will upload a pic for you! But thank you very much for sending those.
Our shining points of the week were that Iviwe did great on his interview, and Elder Ratema got to baptize his first person this week! He is funny. He was always saying how he wasn’t going to baptize anyone in his 2 years, and how he didn’t want to. Well I told him to ask Iviwe who should baptize him, and Iviwe said "you"....he said he wasn’t excited, but I’m pretty sure he was. The baptism went great though!
Sunday was a good day, not for lessons, it sucked for those, but for church itself. We had 8 investigators at sacrament meeting, and then the baptism afterwards went great :) I also gave a talk in sacrament meeting this week. It was my first one since I got here to I was joking that they had forgotten about me and how I was just trying to stay under the radar...but nope. Ha ha. I spoke on missionary work for members and how as they reach out to their friends and family to hear the Gospel Sada will have more success. I used 1 Ne. 8 and a few other stories and stuff. It went good I think.
Our other stud investigator is Sibu. Well this week we learned that we can’t take him fellowshipping cause he's not a member yet. Dumb. But we explained it to him and he said he didn’t want to wait to be baptized, so either the 8th or 15th he will be baptized, depending on when his dad's in town. And also we have been seeing him Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and this week he said he wanted to add Friday. Dang. Seeing an investigator 4 times a week is super awesome...I don’t think I've had someone want to sit and have a lesson 4 times a week my whole mission! But Sibu is sweet and he's progressing so fast! I'm really excited about him :)
Hopefully this next week will be better in terms of people taught....but either way, the people we want to focus on are our recent converts, less actives, and a few really progressing hopefully we find more who want to progress!
But it was a pretty boring week for the most part! Next week I will be on exchanges with Ilinge and then with the zone there will be some changing up a bit which should be nice!
I Miss you guys!
Elder Truscott

Monday, February 16, 2015

Feb. 16, 2015

Rhinos at a game preserve in Queenstown, SA

Elder Kjeldsen, Elder Ratema, Elder Williams and Elder Truscott
having a Valentines Candlelit spaghetti dinner

Well this week wasn’t the best one. We taught a good amount of lessons and just wasn’t a very good one for me. I struggled lots this week it was flipping hot, and I've been really really tired all week. I think that and other things contributed to a mentally tiring week.....but it’s alright I guess.
We set some goals for the rest of this transfer....President Merrill mentioned that during his mission he had a "faith extension" thing...where they just set goals, and each week of the month they did something we took that and made one for the rest of this transfer....the first week we decided we would start just by getting up, going to bed, and getting out of the boarding on time, then we will be talking to 3 new people and placing 2 pamphlets every day the next week, then the next we will be getting one new investigator each day, and then the last week of the transfer we decided that we would each teach 30 lessons! They will be good goals, so this morning we officially started it with a  prayer and we are looking forward to the rest of this transfer! 4 weeks left pretty much (including this week).
Most of this week we did normal missionary work. We were just out trying to teach and find people. Another cool experience with that "testing" thing though. We prayed specifically to teach a discussion to someone who could progress, and the first house we went to, there was a makulu (grandma) who spoke perfect English.....that never happens....and then a younger guy. We taught the plan of salvation and they were very interested, and we mentioned the authority of Christ, and the guy was like "when can you come back and talk more about that authority?" so we had another appt. for yesterday, but he wasn’t there.....but it could be good if we follow up to find him who knows though, but it was a great lesson.
Valentines was on Saturday...but we celebrated it on Sunday. We had stake conference this  week....which was supposed (key word) to be broadcasted from East London to the Queenstown chapel. Well we got there, and the power in East London was off, so it couldn’t be we sang hymns for an hour while we waited...and then they just turned it into another hour of testimony meeting...pretty much a fail.
For Valentines though, every Sunday we eat together as a district, something we started last transfer, so we had a valentines dinner. hahahaha. I made spaghetti and we had a candle lit dinner. It was pretty funny. Valentines on mission.
In terms of investigators, we are still working hard with Sibu. We had a great lesson with him this week, and we are trying to prepare him as quickly as possible cause once he learns and keeps all the commandments, he's ready. He's a total stud. Iviwe is supposed to be baptized this coming Sunday, but we still have to do the interview....and the Makulu and he were out of town for a funeral this weekend, so we haven’t been able to see him, but we have our fingers crossed that he'll do good and be ready, he's only 11, so it should be easy.
Also something really cool....I found out this morning that Sihle Sinama (the young really cute girl if you remember) must be 8 now because she's going to be baptized this week! So awesome :)
But hopefully this next week won’t be so hard for me.....I don’t know
I love you and miss you so much!
Love, Elder Truscott

Monday, February 9, 2015

Feb 9, 2015

Back: Elder Ratema, Elder Black, Elder Mariner and Elder Truscott
Front: Elder Malpage and Elder Williams

Elder Mariner and Elder Truscott

Elder Malpage, Elder Mariner, Elder Ratema, Elder Truscott, Elder Williams and Elder Black
This week, transfer week. It was a sad day to see Elder Mariner leave.....I miss him already. Ha ha. He is an awesome guy.
So Tuesday the Elders who were leaving Queenstown drove to East London, and it was Elder Ratema and I with Elder Williams for Tuesday and Wednesday working in Sada. It was a sad transfer day like I said but we saw them off on Tuesday, and then went out to work in Sada.
Then on Wednesday night the new Elders came in. Elder Kjeldsen is Elder Williams' new companion, and he's a pretty cool guy. He's from Denmark, and is kind of quiet so far, but he's really nice and it seems like it should be  good transfer!
It was pretty much an average week of missionary work....our lessons were a bit lower this week than before...we'll blame transfer week, but lots of our appts just dropped all week. I guess I can’t complain though, we still taught 25 lessons this week, which isn’t too bad. Among our many lessons we taught an unusually high amount of less active lessons....we taught 10 less actives this week! Which was great, cause it was ward conference this week, so the Stake Presidency was there and we had 7 less actives at church!
We also had a lesson that was super difficult. Man, we followed up on a referral, and we got there and he lied to us about who he was (he was the guy we were looking for, but he said his friend was, and after interpreting their Xhosa conversation we knew it was him we were looking for), so he told us to come back tomorrow. Well we did, and the appt. was terrible. He was like picking at us, trying to make us get caught up on ourselves, asking stupid questions and he and his friend were just being dumb trying to make us look stupid. I got pretty mad in that one....haha. But besides that appt. the week went well in terms of teaching!
So Sibu is still doing super well. I love this guy. He's progressing, and still fellowshipping. He came with us yesterday after church as well. We taught his mom this week as well, and she came to church yesterday, so it was awesome! Like I said, yesterday was Ward conference, which was pretty much normal church but we had people from East London here....but it was good. We didn’t have a lot of investigators there, but less actives came so it was good! We've been having success with less actives here!
After church, we went out and taught a lot! We had 8 lessons on Sunday, which was good cause it helped us get lots closer to our goals than we were! We also did more of that "testing the promises" thing, and we had 30 min, and ended up going on splits. Me, Bonga, and Sibu went one way, while Elder Ratema, sihle, and Athi went another, and we both ended up teaching a lesson and it was great! I'm excited cause we have a few progressing investigators and then our others suck, so we need to filter them right out. haha.
Oh, and last week  also lost my MSF card...but I forgot to tell you. haha. The electricity in QT is terrible, and it was off one night, and right when it came back on we ran to the ATM, and I decided that before putting in my home account card, I should test it with my MSF...I’m so glad. After I put it in the ATM, it restarted, and boom...card was never seen again. Ha ha. So if you see a few more charges than normal its my groceries while I wait for a new MSF card from the mission :)
But I'm looking forward to the transfer, it should be good and I'm keeping my fingers crossed it goes quick and we do some good work!
I love you so much, and miss you like crazy!
Elder Truscott

Monday, February 2, 2015

Feb. 2, 2015

Elder Truscott - Burns his pants for his 18 month mark!

This week in Sada as far as missionary work was a good one. I still can’t complain about that much.
It was a pretty much average week to be honest....we taught, found, and tried to see investigators and less actives.
Last week the motto was sweat, this week it’s wet. It rained a lot this week! But I was super happy for that, cause the heat was killing me. The over castness of this week was much appreciated. Ha ha, and then it sucks cause I know it’s still summer and as soon as this ends its back to blistering heat, but I'll take what I can get ;)
So on Wednesday, we had our normal appt. with the Miselo family, the family that stays in that village a ways away. Well at the end of our appt, the one guy, Sipinathi, wanted to play that hand slapping game, where you just slap the other persons hand until you miss, and then you I agreed thinking it was just going to be a fun small game....flip! He hit freakin hard! My hand was completely numb and purple....and then he missed, and a bit later he quit. hahaha. so that was funny. And my hand is pretty much better now.
On a totally different topic, Friday I was on exchanges with Elder Williams in Ilinge. He is awesome, and I wanted to work in Ilinge again cause I wanted to do that "testing the promises" thing there to keep the area going strong. Well I did a few baptismal interviews for people there, a guy named Wonga, and a younger kid named Lindokuhle, and then we did that testing thing. We set the goal for a lesson taught from finding and a return appt. separate from the lesson. Well the first house we went to, taught a great lesson, and then we ended up getting 2 return appts, and a less active appt! It was a great exchange, we did lots of work and helped the area, so I was glad about that.
In Sada, we taught a good amount of lessons this week again, a bit less than last week, but we are going to exceed last week this coming week, that is my goal. But we are teaching this one kid, named Sibu. He is 16 turning 17, and a super stud. We gave him a baptism date of March 22nd this week, and he came fellowshipping with us on Saturday. Well he really loved it, so when we got to church with him on Sunday, he was like "who are going to see today?" and came with us all day on Sunday, and then wants to come with us today again. He bore testimony, translated with Bonga, and he's learning a lot and is progressing really well. It was awesome. He came home from his dad's village, and told us last week he'd read some of the Book of Mormon while he was there, and felt like the desire he had to learn more was his answer! So we are excited about that one :)
Sunday we had a good day. We only had Sibu and Iviwe in terms of investigators at church, but we had 7 less actives we've been working with come to church! So that was a great turn out!! I was happy about that :)
Then all week I have been trying to burn those pants, but the one night it wasn’t raining, I had a headache....hahaha, so last night I did it cause I knew you guys wanted pics :) I don’t know...but I think those pants we got at Men’s Warehouse are flipping flame resistant ;) haha. It took a looong time to catch those things on fire, but I got it!
Not a bad week! Transfer week though, Elder Mariner is going to Cape Town, and we are getting a new elder here that I don’t know! So it should be good! I'm thinking my last 6 weeks in Sada starts fingers crossed it will be a good one!