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Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

Happy New Years!

Elder Mariner, Elder Truscott, Elder Williams and Elder Ratema

Entle (the girl I interviewed), and the othr guy is her brother.

Elder Truscott with Investigator Precious
This week here in Sada was alright....
Last Monday night I got to go and do a baptism interview for the other guys' investigator named Intle, she's a young woman who was super that was cool. The interviews are always kinda fun because you get to see what they know. Ha ha. So she was baptized yesterday and I  heard it went really well!
New Year’s was good!! So we had to be home by 6 both New Years Eve and New Years we were back in the flat early both days. On new Year’s Eve we busted out the package that you sent with the New Years stuff and the glasses and beads and everything, and we just had a nicevnight with the QT Elders in the flat across from us playing games and stuff! Then on New Years Day we had a braii (like a BBQ) at the QT chapel with the missionaries and Elder and Sister Stapley for lunch. It was a bring your own meat thing and it was pretty fun! We ate lots of meat and played some games before heading out to our area for appts!
This week in terms of appts was better than last week for sure. As people are getting home from the holidays I think it will just continue to be better and better. And I don’t know if you remember me talking about the investigator Akhona, who was trying to quit smoking and was really cool, well he is back from the bush now and when he gets back from school scouting in East London we are going to start teaching him again which I’m really happy about! So hopefully the work continues to go well!
So something cool happened though! Remember us sitting with the really difficult lady named Precious in Grahamstown? Well we were driving out of Sada and I saw her jump out of a taxi in Sada! I stopped and we talked, apparently she is on vacation from university and visiting her grandma in Sada. She said she'd come to church, didn’t.....but I asked her if she's still sitting with missionaries and she knew who they were...but it sounds like it’s been a while since she who knows, but it’s a small world!
Another funny thing that happened this week deals with a Chinese guy we know from Sada. Well there is like one chinese family in Sada and they have a little shop that we go to to buy biscuits and stuff....well this one guy (I don’t know his name we call him Chinese) really likes he called us one morning this week and told us he was in Queenstown shopping for stuff to sell at his shop, and wanted to take us to lunch! hahaha, so we met him at KFC, and he was super awesome! He told us to get whatever and he paid, and he's a hilarious little chinese guy. Ha ha. I love him! But we had lunch with that dude and then went to Sada for the day!
Church this week was alright. We had a few investigators there, and one that I’m pretty excited about is a lady named Amkela. She's friends with a member from Queenstown and we met her last week at the email shop! Well we had an appt with her Saturday and we sat, discussed a bit about what we did and the Restoration, and then she came to church! And she lives far so he had to take taxi, which was cool!
So we had her at church, our investigator who's close to baptism named Noluthando, and her cousin Babalwa. So it wasn’t too bad but we were expecting more!
You were right, it was a flipping hot week this week....and I’m guessing it is going to be like that for the next bit as well. haha. Summer time in SA ;)
Love you and miss you guys,
Elder Truscott

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