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Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29, 2014 - Last e-mail of 2014!!!

Merry Christmas

Elder Truscott opening his presents

Elder Truscott and Elder Ratema with their new Marshmallow shooters

Elders with the Xalabile family on Christmas
Well this week for me....of course Skyping home was the highlight. Man it was great and since it was right in the middle of the week it made things go a bit faster from P-Day to P-day for me. Ha ha.
Last Monday we just went to the Queenstown chapel and played some sports. It was super hot, but we played a bit and then went into Sada. Our appt. dropped, so we followed up with some people and it was an alright night I guess.

Like there really isn’t much else to report on besides how great it was to skype home. This week was a slow one. People were busy with Christmas and out with family so our lesson count was low as well.....Christmas was a decent day though! We got up and I opened the gifts you guys sent me, it was really nice :) Ha ha, had some fun with the marshmallow guns, and then just chilled a bit. We had our only apt with the Xalabile family that afternoon, so we went into Sada after picking up some stuff they needed last minute. We had a great dinner with that family. It was really nice and I am really growing to love them. They are great to the missionaries here in Sada. They also got some calls from their son on mission so it made me excited to go and skype.
Well we finished eating, I gave them the one treat box that you sent said Merry Christmas and thank you, and then we shot back to Queenstown to skype!

Chatting was great. I really loved seeing you guys and talking. I had been looking forward to that since Mother’s day ;) haha.
It’s funny, you asked me about the Plaatjies and if I’d heard from them while we were talking, and then right after we hang up, they called and said Merry Christmas and asked how everything was going with me! It was awesome to hear from them, and they did say they were going to email you again, I'm glad that they did :) I love them. They are such an amazing family and I’m glad that they could have a good Christmas. It was great hearing from them and talking to them. I miss that family!

So then the only other thing we really did this week was on Saturday, we went to a members Bro's funeral. Aphelele, a young woman, her brother died last week or so, and Bishop wanted all of us to be at the funeral. It was the first African Funeral service I have been to. It was pretty different. A lot of  preaching and jumping and stomping and stuff, and then lots of singing. But it was nice! And since we are missionaries we got treated like VIP's. haha. We walked in and they ushered us up to the front seats where the family and stuff were sitting, and then up on the stage was where the pastors were sitting, so they took Bishop up there, and then came back to us and were like, you are pastors as well, do you want to sit by your bishop? We said we were fine where we were. haha. But it was nice, and I’m glad that we were able to go and support her and her family. I want to start teaching her family, since neither of her parents are members, so that is what we are trying to do there!

Church on Sunday was good. Last Sunday of 2014! Crazy to think that! But we had a nice sacrament, the Thomas', the senior couple who started here in Sada and then went to East London, were there with their daughters, so the Xalabile's had an amazing lunch after church and it was good to see them, and then we were off for the day! It was a really hot week....only one day was cooler I think, and besides that it was blazing.  But 2015 is pretty much here!! It’s crazy!

I love you and miss you so much mom. Skyping was great and made me miss you so much. I love you so much.
Elder Truscott

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