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Monday, January 20, 2014

6 Months Down...But who's counting ???

Alright, so as far as my week goes, it was a decent week here in SA! I can't complain!
This morning we did another one of our "Nature Walks with Breakfast" with Bro. Alan, and we got out of there later than we thought, had to have our boarding inspection, and then the quest for internet

We have been getting so many flat tires! I told you that we got all of the tires fixed, but this week again the back tire went flat when we were driving home one night! Ha ha ha, it's the first tire that I've had to change personally though, cause usually people run up to help us! Not this time, so we have problems with tires here in township driving around ;)

Ok so since our transfers are over, we had to have our boarding inspection on Tuesday...well lets just say that we failed, so the Chases said that we needed to clean, and they would come back. We actually cleaned really well, and now we just had our re-inspection this morning, and we passed!
Wednesday, we went out to the Thomas's farm all day long to help and do service there. It was probably one of the hottest days I've experienced in SA so was up to 42 degrees Celsius (107.6 Fahrenheit)  so it was pretty hot. We helped them load and unload their buckey (what they call trucks over here) and take the stuff to a storage place they had. It was actually a really fun day, and I liked the little change it gave me :)

Yesterday was an interesting day! It was Sunday so we went to church of course, but after church we went to the Sinama's (Sibu's family) cause it was the moms birthday :) I already knew, so Saturday I bought a big cake, and we took it to them yesterday and sang, and sat and had a great lesson :)

So from there we went to Elizabeth, one of our investigators, cause Graydon had agreed to go to her church with her yesterday. We went to the Old Apostolic church, which was in ALL Afrikaans and was pretty weird for me. There were parts that were different, and strange.
We had a good amount of lessons and stuff to do this week! Grant is moving along. He wants to be baptized but there are some things that are stopping him from being able to. Smoking is one...but he wants to quit, and he's getting there, he has already quit drinking!

The Sinama's are amazing! I look forward to their lessons every time cause they are so much fun :) They are a great family!

Emerald is having a real tough time right now with things going on in her life. Her boyfriend had his ID stolen, and now they are in a real tough financial thing with the fraud going on, and its really wearing her down. But she keeps having appointments, and loves it when we are there, so I'm happy for that! :)

Now we are just waiting for transfer news tonight! I am thinking that Graydon is leaving, I'm staying, and Ramoshaba and Bell are staying the same....but we will see!


Elder Truscott

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