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Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

Elder Truscott and his new Comp. Elder Ramosoeu at the Internet Cafe

Elder Truscott and a local township artist that told the Elders he's an Artist from Paris, France let me tell you about my week :)

Well geez, a couple things happened this week! For one thing though, I am officially 6 MONTHS out here in SA :) I burned a tie for the ceremony and everything :) AAAANNNDDDD it was transfer week, so I will tell you all about it.
So Monday we got the transfer news that Elder Graydon was going to East London, and that I would be staying in Grahamstown with a new Companion,  Elder Ramosoeu. Usually you leave on Wednesdays for transfers, but because we had to drive to Port Elizabeth (for Graydon to get the bus and me to pick up Ramosoeu from the airport) we had to drive to Port Elizabeth Tuesday night. That pretty much crammed everything into one day .....

So Tuesday Graydon said his goodbyes and packed, and we FINALLY got on the road to Port Elizabeth  at like 9:30. Hahaha. So we drove there and slept at the Zone Leaders boarding there, and in the morning EARLY Graydon had to be at the bus stop. Graydon would get on the bus at 6, and then my comp wasn't going to be there until 2:30 from the plane. So I was with other kids who were waiting for their new comp's.  It was kinda cool to see Elder Creech again :) I saw him at the bus stop! But anyways,  We had time to kill, so we went to a place called boardwalk. It's kind of like the Grand West place that I went to in Cape that killed our time and then off to the airport to pick up companions :) I saw Hlophe and Cobabe at the airport and I was super happy to talk to them and catch up!

I am with Elder Ramosoeu, he is from a place called Bloemfontein, South Africa.

It was a pretty boring week besides transfers to be honest with you. Not tons of lessons and stuff....but Saturday was my 6 month mark!!! 1/4 of the way done with my mission! I went to the little china shop here, and bought a 35 Rand tie, and burnt it for the occasion :) haha.

As far as the people go, we have been spending lots of time with Grant and Shanice. We just go and read the Book of Mormon and hang out with them! Like Saturday we went and watched the neighborhood rugby game, bought some drinks, and chilled and then read some Book of Mormon, it is super cool. They are super cool people, and I think Grant is getting closer and closer to ready! He didn't come to church this week cause he had work, but we walked with Shanice.The Sinama's are still amazing! they are such cool people! Emerald we didn't get a chance to see this week.....she got held up at work or something for our appointment, so we are going to be seeing her tonight!

Things are moving right along here in Grahamstown though.


Elder Truscott

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