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Monday, January 13, 2014

Well another week down!

Elder Truscott with Garth, or G-Man

Elder Truscott and Elder Graydon having a lesson with Grant and Shanice 
Alright so about my week!

Well another week down! This week was a long one for me....I don't know why. Monday we emailed and then started off for East London where our Zone training and interviews were! We were supposed to drive with Elder Ramoshaba and Elder Bell, but Elder Bell got food poisoning,
apparently from a chicken pie he bought at a gas station.....hahaha, ya that will do it! ;) so me and Graydon drove down there Monday afternoon and Bell and Ramoshaba came down with the Chase's on Tuesday morning.

Tuesday we had our training and interviews, and we were the morning session, so we had to be at the chapel there at about 8:30. We got there fine, and while the Zone Leaders were doing their training President Wood pulled us out and we all had our interviews, and then President Wood gave us a training and we ate some lunch :) It was alright I suppose! Nothing too exciting, just trainings on companionship study and stuff like that, apparently all over the world its a problem that Elders either aren't doing it, or doing it wrong....

Wednesday I had my exchanges with Elder Bell. He was still sick from his food he was pretty quiet and stuff, haha. We had a full day pretty much, from like 2 on, and ended with a dinner appointment with brother Alan's place.

This weekend, on Saturday, we were driving around, and we came out from something, and boom....flat tire. Our spare tire was flat we went to the gas station, pumped it up, and then just drove to our next appointment, which was with Grant and Shanice. Of course it was flat within 30 minutes again....and Grahamstown, for some reason everything closes EARLY. So on Saturday at 5ish, everything is closed. Well good old township! Grant and Shanice knew a place in township that would do me, Graydon, Grant, and a guy named Alex rolled the tires down to this place, and they fixed them, and then we rolled them back and stuck one on :) then Grant and I got up onto his roof with a bucket of cement and I helped him fix his roof cause when it rained it would leak. It was pretty cool :) Grant is a super cool guy, and they are all so nice.

So ya in terms of people....things kinda sucked and things went well this week, hahaha, if you can get that!

Sharon, pretty much the person we thought was progressing the most, we haven't been able to see. We went there, and her kid was like "my mom said you can take your book back", well of course we were like craaaap! So we called her at work and she told us that she's sorry for wasting our time, she's giving us back the Book of Mormon, and she doesn't believe what we have been saying but it's opened her eyes a bit. Dang it!! So we are trying to just catch her home one last time to talk about it....but that put a damper on things!

On the other hand, we started really teaching Sibu's family this week! Oh my gosh they are SOO cool! Like even his mom (his aunt) is super nice and funny. And they are really progressing! Like she said that after one of our lessons, they set time aside and read the Book of Mormon together and prayed about wow. That's what we are constantly trying to get people to do! And they did it after our first lesson! And the mom said that she feels like she just wants to read more and more!

Also, a lady named Emerald that we met, we saw her a few times this week and she is super awesome! Like she was worried about us going to East London, and as we read with her she told us that she has no doubt that what we say is true, and that she will come to church when she feels
ready, so that was good!

So there's been good and bad this week I guess! But the transfer is almost over! This coming week is the last week of the transfer!

The time of the week has come, where I have to get off the computer now, but know that I love you, and I really appreciate everyone's love and support.


Elder Truscott

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