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Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17, 2014

Elder Truscott giving "G Man" Garth a B-day Present

Well this week has a bit more to talk about than last week :)

Last Monday we went to Port Alfred for our P Day that we are allowed to have with them! We drove down there after emailing, and we just met up with Kreiger and Bohn at the Spur (pretty much missionaries go to this restaurant on Mondays). Then we didn't have anything to do after lunch really so we played around PA a bit and then went to play some basketball at some air school place they get access to. It was fun just to talk with Kreiger and stuff cause he's super funny, so even though we didn't do anything really exciting it was fun :)

That Monday night, after the FHE we went to, I got a phone call from a very excited Sibu back in Gugs! He was called to be the second counselor in the young men's presidency back in Gugs and it's super awesome for him!! We talked all about it, how excited he was and stuff. I'm so happy for that guy. Seriously he is the best! And he told me something else super cool! So you know the Gova's maid that we started teaching? Sandy? Well she got baptized too! Which is super cool!!

Well last week you jinxed the tire thing.....haha. Cause this week on Tuesday we went to the shop to get some stuff, and when we came out our tire was COMPLETELY flat. Which sucked tons cause our spare was flat we had to call the Chases who had to come and take our tires to get fixed and then bring them back to us so we could go about our day!

Wednesday we went back up to the Thomas's farm to help them and do more work up there. We were up there pretty much the whole day, just cleaning their house, and moving a few boxes and stuff to where ever they needed them. Then we came back, and surprise, the AP's, who I like were passing by Grahamstown so they stopped by to say hi! It was cool, they are cool guys.

Friday was Valentines Day, so that was pretty much just a regular day for us. District meeting as usual, and then appointments with people, most of which didn't stick cause they were busy. BUT I did get the family calendar that grandma and grandpa chase sent me :)

Sunday was a super great day for us! At church we had a great turn out :) we had Grant, Leticia and her son Diego, and the Sinama's came!! It was so cool they even stayed for the whole 3 hours, and they loved it!! We walked in and the meeting was actually really full ( I waited for them outside cause I knew they were coming), and the mom, Sihle, and Sokhana were sitting behind and me and Kuhle were sitting in the row ahead. Just sitting there with them was one of those moments where I was just like "this is awesome, I kinda love this".... We saw them after church and the mom was saying how she knows it's true, and that she was jealous of our church and stuff! Plus the members welcomed them and they want to come again next week, they all agreed :)

Leticia is probably our most progressing investigator right now! This Tuesday, she will have quit smoking for 2 weeks now! I'm super happy for her and we just want her to keep going and keep the excitement and determination, but it has been cool that she is putting in so much effort and is quitting :) Hopefully it lasts!

But that is about it for my week this week!

I love you and miss you,

Elder Truscott

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