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Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014

Elder Ramosoeu and Elder Truscott with the Sinama's

Elder Truscott holding Shanices new baby girl

This week wasn't a bad one ;)

Tuesday was just a normal day of appointments, but in the afternoon we had to take Shanice up to the hospital so that she could have her baby! We dropped her off, and went out for the day, obviously.

Wednesday though we didn't have tons of appointments so whenever we didn't have anything we waited at the hospital with Amanda (Shanice's mom) for her to finally have the c section done and have the kid!

Finally late in the afternoon she went down with the doctor and had the baby :) it's a little baby girl :) we couldn't really stay cause we had appointments in the evening, but we saw the baby and Shanice :)

Then Thursday we went back up in the afternoon to visit and see how Shanice and the baby were doing, and she let me hold Casey ( the baby's name) and take some pics and stuff :) it was nice and Shanice was doing good :)

So on Friday we had to leave early and go to East London for the training by Elder Maynes. So we left Grahamstown by about 9:30 and made it to EL by the 12:30 time we were supposed to be at the chapel. We sat through the training and since no food was provided, we grabbed McDonalds and came home :) it was a nice day though to change it up and the training was good. It was about connecting ourselves to the missionary purpose.

The theme seemed to be slow afternoons this week, cause Saturday we had a few dropped appointments too. But that night we were making some visits, so we stopped by Emerald to invite her to church and see how she's doing. Well she agreed she wanted to come to church, so it was great and we left. Then later that night she calls and says that her car is having trouble again! (It happened last week and that's why she wasn't at church, ha ha). So we were like crap....and I thought about it and told her I'd get back to her. So I phoned a member who stays in township, and asked them to get a mechanic that I know she knows and we would go try and fix Emeralds car! Sooo we went up, picked up the mechanic and the member, and drove to Emerald. It was kinda late now, but Emerald said she'd wait. The mechanic looks at the car, and decided it was the fuel pump....which he couldn't fix right then, so then she cancelled church, ha ha . But at least she knows the problem now and she wants to come at least once :)

Sunday was nice....we did lots of visits to people since not many came to sacrament meeting. :)

For the others, Leticia is still doing well! Tomorrow will be 3 weeks of her not smoking! We reminded her that its only a week away from a whole month she's been off the cigs, and she was feeling good about it :) We are hoping that she keeps it up and I don't think that it will be long before she gets least assuming she keeps off the smoking.

I love you and miss you!
Have a great week !
Elder Truscott

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