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Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy Valentines Week 2-10-14

Elder Truscott teaching in the township in Grahamstown
Nothing too exciting happened this week to be honest. I think that's a trend here so far, nothing really exciting. Haha.
Well I guess the best thing about this week would be the bit of progress that Leticia has made! So I told you how the only thing stopping her from baptism is some word of wisdom trouble, but she's been coming to church every week. Well we saw her on Tuesday and really just set goals and plans to quit using the word of wisdom pamphlet, and then we said that instead of seeing her maybe twice a week, we want to see her every day or every other day. She agreed, so we saw her almost every day this week, and so far she hasn't smoked since last Tuesday when we made the goal! I know it's only a week, but still I'm happy about it :)

Thursday I was in exchanges with Ramoshaba, so that was a nice break

Friday morning before district meeting the Chases gave me the package of the journals and the book for Alan and the sprays and ointments :) thank you :) the ointments are good since I'm constantly getting bitten, hahaha. But that night we were having dinner with Brother Alan, so I took the book you sent for him to him! Ohhh boy did he love it :)

We average about 3 or 4 lessons every day, and just like it was in gugs, the real appointments don't start until around 2. Like I said, we've been focusing on Leticia a lot, so we've been seeing her almost every day to help her quit. The other one we are trying to help quit is Grant....

The Sinama's love us :) and the feeling is mutual. Haha. They had us on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this week, to go sit and have a lesson with them and chill :) the only thing that I want to happen is for them to start coming to church, so hopefully this week we can see about that :) One of our investigators, Elizabeth, is really confusing. She's been baptized twice, says that she knows the church is true and that the Book of Mormon is true, but being baptized three times is "too much" she doesn't want to be baptized, its weird. She's another one that we need to get to church more. We've gone to walk with her (as she requested) but she always has an excuse on Sunday morning .

Another person we sat with this week was a recent convert named Lonwabo. So here is the story, I met Sibu in gugs, and followed him to Grahamstown....and Elder Ingram met Lonwabo here in Grahamstown and followed him to gugs! The guy was baptized in East London during his break, but he got to go sit with Hlophe and Ingram in gugs before coming back baptized. So now we are starting to sit with him and do the recent convert lessons, which will be good :)

But that's it for my week! Today were going to Port Alfred for P Day, but I don't know what we're doing, hopefully something to write about next week ;)
I Love you and I miss you,

Elder Truscott

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