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Monday, May 19, 2014

5-19-2014 This morning was super cool! We rode elephants!! :)

Elder Truscott and Elder Sanders at  Grant and Shanice’s place 

Elder Truscott riding Elephants in East London, SA

This week was a pretty average one to be honest! We were in Grahamstown all week until this morning when we came to East London for p day! But this morning was super cool! We rode elephants!! :) There is a place by East London that we went to, since it was zone p-day, and we got to ride them around the game reserve for about an hour. It was actually really cool, lots of fun! I will send some pics of it :)
Next Monday is transfer my time here in Grahamstown is dwindling for sure, but there are some great people that we're seeing here. It seems like my emails are getting more and more boring as I'm here in Grahamstown, ha ha ha. I've got to leave so something cool can happen! But we just had a nice week of appointments.
We did have a few nice appointments or times this week though. I always look forward to going and seeing Solomon, cause he is just such a sweet guy. So we went over and saw him on Thursday night and had a great appointment over KFC with him, ha ha. Friday after district meeting the four of us got together at the other guys boarding and made a huge thing of nachos for lunch. It was a good time, and they were pretty good... So of course I needed some pictures! Well I put my camera on the stairs on timer and took a few pics.....before it fell off and landed right on the lens. Ya it broke...... I bought a new one at the little picture store in GT and it was the best one that they had....but the freaking thing takes super blurry pics! I don’t know if it is just a setting problem, or what??? Ha ha ha. I will send you a few of the pics now
Then Saturday Grant and Shanice had planned for us to come over that evening and spend some time with them. They were going to cook the food and We were going to cook the dessert :) so Saturday afternoon the other guys had a baptism, which was really good. The lady's name is mama Stella, and she's been being taught for a while, and wanted President Wood to do the baptism. Since it was branch conference this week he was in town so he baptized her and confirmed her while he was here. It was cool for her! So after that we went to our place and grabbed that brownie mix that you sent me, and one of those pans, and went to Grant and Shanices place :) it was fun, we had brownies and ice  cream.....the brownies were a bit burnt around the edges, but they worked ;) and we had a nice meal by them and it was lots of fun :)
Sunday was branch conference and it was really good. I was happy, Emerald and her family came to church, so at least we had a few people in sacrament meeting! The best thing about Grahamstown is the people. I really love the investigators that we have. The Sinama's are great, the only problem is how they live so far away from the chapel.... Grant is such a cool guy. I wish he would be married to Shanice and then baptized, and in time sealed with her and Casey! The new people that we've been teaching have been doing well, holding appointments for the most part so that is a plus ;) we totaled it up during our planning this week, and we have 22 people that are seeing us, so that's isn't bad! The only problem is getting them to baptism! Ha ha, but it's been good.
One more week in Grahamstown most likely, So hopefully it's a good one!
I love and miss you so so much.
Elder Truscott

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