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Monday, May 12, 2014

I got to Skype home! 5-12-14

Elder Truscott Skyping home for Mother's Day 2014
It sounds like you had a really nice Mothers day  mom :) Some nice gifts, and a nice while of Skyping me made it lots better for me on this end, and I’m just guessing the same for you there :)
Tell me about the "once I get a taste I want more...." I want to Skype so bad...hahaha, after seeing you guys, the typing seems boring. hahaha. But I'll take what I can get! I turn 10 months in about 10 days!
But as far as making things hard for me...not too bad. Of course I really miss you guys, and saying goodbye was tough....that is to be expected. I really needed to talk to you guys though.

I don't even really know what to say about my week besides the fact that I got to Skype home....cause all week I was pretty much just looking forward to skyping. Haha. Plus I'm super happy I have Elder Sanders over the skyping time, cause he's cool....and it's better to have a cool companion when you're skyping! But getting to see you was great mom :) I love and miss you so so much, and I'm very grateful to have you as my mom :)

Honestly this week was pretty average until Sunday! Just a week of appointments! But I guess some cool stuff did happen. So that younger guy we've been teaching, Sean, well we went to go see him again this week and his step dad was there for the first time....turns out he has sat with missionaries before, and remembered tons of stuff, even Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon! The missionaries sat with him in 2006! But we had a powerful lesson on the plan of salvation with them and he was really interested! So that should be a good father led family to start teaching!!

We started teaching another new guy this week too. He's a really funny older guy named Bro. Peterson. He's a cool guy, loves talking about Jesus, so that is pretty cool too. We were just walking and he has a million yard decorations, so Sanders commented and I was like, lets tract it, so we did and he let us in and made a return appointment :)

All week we were waiting for Mother's Sunday was a good day :) we showed up to church and all these American guys were there like I told you! They were super cool guys! Out here in SA for a hunting safari! I talked to them quite a bit, haha, it was nice to talk to some American people here!
The branch did a special Mother's Day thing, so all the moms got cupcakes and cookies and stuff after sacrament, so that was nice for them. After church we went up to see our Grahamstown mom, mamma Sinama. Since it was Mother's Day we thought it was only we bought her a cake and took it up to her. It sucked though, she was suuper sick, like she couldn't even get out of bed, so we left the cake, gave her a blessing, told her happy Mother's Day and left!
Then the highlight of my week/past few months, I got to Skype home :)
That pretty much sums up my week this week! Haha.

Elder Truscott

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