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Monday, May 26, 2014

10 Months today :) May 26, 2014

Elder Sanders, Grant, Shanice and Elder Truscott getting Pizza
Well I'm completely assuming that this was my last week in Grahamstown....cause I haven't heard anything about sucks. I was thinking that I was for sure leaving....but doubt has crept in. Hahaha. But it was a nice week :) when you're leaving you can see how people love you and how great they are!!
Well last Monday we were in East London, so I already talked about how much fun that was, riding elephants and things! We had no trips or anything this week, so between the highlights it was just an average week of trying to teach people!
Wednesday morning we had another one of bro. Alan's world famous Grahamstown tours, haha. He took us around to all the schools here in GT. The schools here pretty much suck and everyone wears's not even an option to go to a normal school, hahaha. More like prison! But we got to see the different high schools and the prep school (elementary) that Alan went to....and then following the tour we had a few appointments. One with a SUPER cool guy named Ednel. We spent lots of time with him before going to see Emerald and her family :)
Precious, the lady we're sitting with from his people church, invited us to eat lunch at the Rhodes dining hall on Thursday for lunch, so that was pretty fun....and then of course we had a heated appointment with her....haha, I look forward to them, but I don't know how productive they are. Haha.
So I've been pretty much telling people that I'm leaving, and they pretty much think so too cause they know I've been here for a long on Saturday Elder Sanders kept the night open, so on Saturday night, after a day of really fun appointments, we went to a restaurant for dinner. We got some pizzas, and then walked in Grant and Shanice!! It was a surprise goodbye dinner party for me!! :) we all chilled and ate pizzas and had such a fun time. I seriously love them so much!! I'm going to miss them so so much, it seriously makes me sad to think, but they are so cool they are like, "it won't be goodbye cause you're coming back!"
Sunday we had a Emerald and her family at church, and they stayed for all 3 hours so it was super nice! Besides being my 10 month mark, we had some great appointments and saw some cool people. Sis. Letitia was super great. We went and saw her, and she had written little letters for me cause they all think I'm leaving. So she wrote me a letter that i will put with my journal that is super cute and makes me sad! haha.
This morning we went on a walk/breakfast with Bro. Alan. He took us up around the botanical gardens here in GT and around town....and then we went back to his place and he cooked us a nice big breakfast! It was really nice and it was the last thing planned (besides goodbyes) that Alan had put me down for to say goodbye.
I will definitely miss the people here if I do leave...which I’m thinking I am....but they are great. They have been so great to me too.
I love and miss you.
Elder Truscott

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