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Monday, September 8, 2014

9-8-14 This week was a great one here in Uitenhage

We went to Seaview Lion Park I got to pet a lion, a tiger, a cub puma, and a cub jaguar!
Pretty sweet!

I'm emailing a lot later than usual today...cause guess what I just did this morning!! We went to Seaview Lion Park I got to pet a lion, a tiger, a cub puma, and a cub jaguar! Pretty sweet! The cub leopard wasn’t available for me to pet was up on a roof and they couldn’t take it down, but it was suuuper cool!! We phoned this morning to make sure that they are available, and then us, the Zone Leaders, and the Kwano Elders went down to pet some stuff! It was really cool. The lioness and the Tiger were pretty big, you will see in the pics, and the others were still pretty small...but it was super cool!

This week was a great one here in Uitenhage! One of the most powerful I've had I would say in terms of lessons. Besides the fact that it was FREAKING HOT! Apparently some hot air came through from some desert near here, and made it for a REALLY hot few days here. haha.
Last Monday we just chilled here, didn't do much of anything.....but it was kinda nice. Just an average P day.

Tuesday things picked up like they usually do, only this time we had most of our appointments hold! It was a great week in terms of appointments. So we saw Wally, then picked up Beast and saw a girl named Motlalepula,who missionaries had seen in the past but because of car problems stopped, cause she lives far away. So we finally were able to meet her and start sitting with her again.

Wednesday we took Lazola, Beasts older brother, out fellowshipping with us. We picked him up from work at 1 and then went out for our day of appointments. So it was kinda cool, on Monday we were shopping at the grocery store, and one of the workers just came up and started asking me about the church and what we I got his name and phone number, and he told me he was off on Wednesday. So I gave him a call and we met at 2 that day. He's really cool, and asked great questions, and said there was a "void" at the church he's going to now. Lazola was great and the guy, who's name is Simba, was really interested. Then our next appointment was with the big 5, and we were talking about the plan of salvation, about our life on earth and where we go after. It was the most powerful lesson I've had with them. Lazola was awesome, answering questions and testifying, and I think they really felt it. It was sweet. The rest of the week we just had our scheduled appointments and taught lessons, or tried to visit and find people. It was good though.

Friday was Carnieletto's one year mark, so we ate out and he burned a shirt.

Church on Sunday was good and bad I suppose. We walked to church with the big 5, even though it was Christina and her daughter Bianca, Claudia, and Phelicia, so 3 of them came....and then we had Busi, Eldridge, and one of the members little sisters who's 10 and not baptized. So it was a good turnout I'd say. Bad part, was that Sihle, Lazolas wife, told us that Lazola got a job out of Uitenhage and that they are leaving this that suuper sucks. But it's good for them so I guess I can't be too angry, except that there's no church where they're going, so he'll have to start a group or something. But it will work out. They are such awesome people. Eldridge is still shooting for the 21st of this month, so it's coming up soon! Just a few weeks, and I think he's really exciting and doing the right things. We're really happy for him! Busi is coming along good too. I would say she's ready for a baptism date, but we just want her mom to be involved more....but we might just go ahead and progress her... We'll see.

We found a few new investigators to see this week, so it's always good to keep building on our pool. We found that Simba guy, Motlalepula, and a lady named Luche who all sat with us this week and want to learn more! So we're happy. Next week should be good as well....besides Lazola and Sihle are moving, so we are going to try and do something nice for them.....but we have a good amount of appointments set up and it'll be a good one.
I miss you guys!
Elder Truscott

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