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Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014 Then Sunday was the real highlight!! So Eldridge was baptized after church!

Elder Truscott, Elder Kupka, Elder Kivley and Elder Carnieletto
Enjoying McFlurries as a goodbye to Elder Kivley

Elder Truscott with Eldridge and Elder Carnieletto

Elder Truscott, New member Eldridge, Elder Carnieletto,Elder Kivley New member Asanda and Elder Kupka 
Happy and Sad week this week, haha. this morning the Zone Leaders came and took Elder Kivley to the airport.....he's going to Cape Town to be Zone Leader in the stead of Hlophe, but it's a sad one for us, cause Kivley is awesome. But happy cause Eldridge was officially baptized this Sunday!!! And it went great!

Last Monday we just hung out around Uitenhage and got the food and stuff to cook for the Frans'. So just an average p day. Lazola wanted to come out with us every day this past week, so every day we would pick him up from work, then Sihle wanted to come as well, so we'd go get her and then go teach. It was a nice thing to have both of them there, and I think it really helped with the people! It was pretty much an average week this one....all week there isn't much to tell besides the fact that we were teaching and stuff!
Saturday night, since we knew Kivley was leaving, we went to Guidos one last time together. Had a nice dinner there, even sang Kivley a song for goodbye, haha.

Then Sunday was the real highlight!! So Eldridge was baptized after church! He was super excited, and he and a guy named Asanda were both baptized. It was cool. Carnieletto baptized Eldridge, Kivley baptized Asanda, Kupka spoke on baptism, and I spoke on the Holy Ghost. At church, Eldridge and Busi were there, and we really wanted the big 5 to see the baptism cause we've been talking lots about it with them, so we called them second hour, and they came just for the baptism! It was awesome, and the spirit was really strong there and I think especially Claudia and Christina felt it. After church we had lunch at the Septembers home, and then Elder Carnieletto and I had some appointments to go to while the other guys took the car so Kivley could go and say some goodbyes. Our appointments weren't I heard about the story of a false prophet named William Branham for an hour....and the other was a nice chat but his family wasn't home. We joined the other guys for the final few goodbyes, at the Tschibos, and then at the Frans'. Haha, the Frans' turned into a water fight, and we dedicated the home, it's gonna suck to have to leave them!
But It was an alright week in terms of lessons,  But we are in a tripanionship this week! Working all of Uitenhage, haha, should be busy.

Elder Truscott

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