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Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1, 2014

Zone Conference with Carl B. Cook, First Quorum of the Seventy

The Frans family with the Uintenhage Elders

Sunday night all four of us missionaries went and cooked for the big 5 family :) 

For me it was another week down here in Uitenhage! It was a decent one actually, no complaints.
Last Monday we just did average p day stuff. Shopping, got ready, and went to an FHE. The FHE was with the Tschikila family. They moved to Joburg this week, so we went on Monday as one last FHE with them. It was nice, and the father, Bro. Xhanti, is a super powerful guy.
Tuesday we had a good amount of lessons and they mostly held! We taught five lessons, and had time to get the car window fixed cause we had Zone Conference on Wednesday!
The window actually turned out not to matter though.....cause we came outside Wednesday morning to go to conference and the tire was flat. Ha ha. And since we don't have the tools to repair it, we called the zone leaders and we rode with them into PE. The Zone Conference was nice though. Carl B. Cook, who is in the First Quorum of the Seventy came and gave us a training, plus President Merrill did as well I liked them both.....just training after training. But it was good to see other Elders.
The rest of the week we just taught and tried to find more people. Made visits and stuff, and we actually did get a few people from old progress records that we sat with or that we made more appointments with, so fingers crossed that it goes well with those!
Sunday was a good day as well. Church was nice, But we didn't have too many investigators there. Eldridge was there (which was good cause on Thursday we taught him about temples and family history work cause he had questions on it) and then Busi came as well. None of the big 5 were there....I'm worried about their sincerity and stuff. Cause they are still young. Sunday after church we had a super nice lunch at the Tschibo home, and then we had a powerful lesson with a guy named Siya. He is one of the ones on the old progress records. We sat with him and his cousin, and they were really interested, and were asking great questions. It was awesome! The cousin stays in Kwano, and said he even wants missionaries to visit him there to teach him more! So that was super cool, it's always nice to have a powerful lesson. But on Sunday night all four of us missionaries went and cooked for the big 5 family :) It started when the one lady cooked chicken feet for us, we said that we'd return the favor and cook for them too, so we cooked them pasta and a sauce with chicken and stuff.
It was nice actually, and it was lots of fun :) a nice way to end the week. Ha ha. But that's about it for last week. Hopefully the appointments hold this week, cause we have a few days with a good amount!

Elder Truscott

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