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Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014 -The highlight of the week was obviously the baptisms this Sunday!!

Elder Welsh, Elder Decebal Cuza, Elder Truscott and Elder Kupka in front of the home of
Claudia, Zandi, Phelicia, Princess

Elder Kupka, Elder Truscott and Elder Decebal Cuza

Elder Welsh, Elder Truscott, Claudia, Zandi, Phelicia, Princess, Elder Decabal Cuza and Elder Kupka

Well my last week here in Uitenhage is over! Already been here 4 ½ months! Time flies. But now, according to the missionary board that was sent out....I am going to Sada to be with Elder Swacina and Elder Chaparadza in a tripanionship.
It was a decent week this week, just a completely average one. No exchanges, no conferences, just Elder Welsh and I doing missionary work!  We had a nice week of missionary work.
We moved boardings this week on Thursday....which is a huge pain to be honest. Our new boarding is a big house with us in the back, the Kwano guys in the front of the house, and the zone leaders on a side house. It is fun to be with others, but boy was it a huge pain to move, and our new flat isn’t very big or nice...kind of a pain.
The highlight of the week was obviously the baptisms this Sunday!! Claudia and Phelicia were baptized and it was a great service :) I got to baptize both of them, and it was a great way to end my time here in Uitenhage! They were so excited and happy! It was awesome to see! Especially Claudia, she didn't stop smiling the whole week and on Sunday she was totally excited! Phelicia too, but for some reason she seemed down after the baptism a bit. We still have to figure out why. Their family, for the most part, came to see them get baptized at church, and it was really nice. Total highlight of my time here. Sacrament meeting was good, we had a nice turnout! There were 8 people there from our side, and 8 from the other guys as well, so we had a total of 16 investigators at sacrament meeting this week! We had Claudia, Phelicia (who are still investigators until they are confirmed next week), Christina, Mama Juda's granddaughter, Busi, Motlalepula, a member named Lebo's little sister, and a new investigator named Babalwa. It was a nice way to end the week. It was a super hot week....with a nice ending :)
Now i'm going to have to get all ready for transfers, going off to Sada, so still in the Eastern Cape....
Elder Truscott

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