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Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014

Elder Truscott and Elder Welsh with the Kumaria Family

Eldridge and Elder Truscott

The Beast, Elder Truscott and Mama Frans

Loading onto the bus on transfer day. Elder Truscott is headed to  East London
Elder Kupa, Elder Truscott, Elder Welsh and Elder Decebal Cuza

Elder Chaparadza, Elder Truscott and Elder Swacina in a tripanionship in Sada 
So let’s see...this week was a tougher one.....
I had to say all my goodbyes in Uitenhage,which seems like a long time ago now....this week dragged.

Saying goodbyes was pretty tough. It sucked saying goodbye to Beast (I won’t ever have a cooler fellow shipper/ward mission leader I'm pretty sure) and Mamma Frans. I printed some pics of us and gave them to them when I said goodbye. It’s amazing to me how much I just grow to LOVE the people, and it’s a weird kind of love’s hard to explain. I'll tell you what, the hardest goodbye to say was to the Big 5.  I printed out their baptism pics and they really loved them. Honestly seeing their excitement about the gospel and their baptism is still so amazing to me. So we showed them those, and then I started saying goodbye and thank you for all they've done for me, and it wasn’t too bad....they were saying how much they are going to miss me and everything, the usual....and started getting a bit emotional. Then they asked me to say one last prayer before I left, and as I prayed I just heard them start crying. I still get emotional thinking about it. It was tough. But their confirmation went well I heard and I'm excited for them.
Then I said goodbye to Mamma Frans she cried, the Mendu's made us a dinner and was really nice. And then I packed until late......

I woke up early and we were off to PE, where I got on a bus to East London...pretty long but whatever...and then from East London I got to hang out there with Carnieletto for a bit! It was cool to see him again and talk about things! Then we all met up at the chapel, the new Elders came, and me, and 3 other Elders serving in Queenstown drove to Queenstown where when we got there (like 8) the senior couple had dinner for us.
Sada is a pretty weird place. Super rural....nobody speaks English and so far honestly it’s been tough. Of course I miss Uitenhage so that doesn’t help...and since it’s a Tripanionship, I’m sleeping on the floor. But this is only a 4 week transfer.  All of our lessons so far have had to be translated.....and church is done in lots of Xhosa....which is fine except I can’t understand it.
But I guess things will get better.
But I’m here in Sada now! Serving here, and it should be alright, they have a few baptism dates so at least the work seems to be going good!
Elder Truscott

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