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Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014

Elder Kupka and Elder Welsh

Elder Decebal Cuza (Kupka's son) with Elder Truscott
This week wasn't as bad as last week, that's for was just an average week. Not too great and not too bad I guess. Just a normal week of doing missionary work.
So guess what.... Last Monday was one year since I baptized Sibu! That's crazy huh!? I was looking through some of my old planners and saw that, it's pretty cool!

This week Tuesday pretty much sucked. Ha ha. I don't know why but people just drop our appointments and it's making me mad! Out of the 7 appts we had scheduled (which would have been an awesome day).....we taught 2 lessons. Super frustrating.

Wednesday was a bit better, and Thursday wasn't too bad either. Friday was actually a great day. I was on exchanges with Elder Kupka, and since neither of the other Elders can drive we were in my area. We had a super good day! Brother Effenaar had given us a referral, and we went and saw him. He's a 20 year old guy who is super interested in the gospel and wants to get his life back on track. Kupka and I had a great lesson with him and he accepted baptism when he comes to find out if it's true, so it was good!! Kupka is a super cool guy and we get along great. So it was a powerful exchange, besides that guy we taught other lessons that were great as well.

Saturday was a weird day. We had correlation with Beast in the morning, where we talk about the missionary work going on and stuff for him to report, and then we went out for our day. We stopped by Eldridge cause he wasn't home for our appt on Friday, and he was there.....but he was acting strange, so I don't know what's going on there.....then we had a kinda frustrating lesson with some new people we started teaching. We've been going through the lists of people missionaries used to visit, seeing if they still want to sit with us and stuff, and we found this family named the Ndyaneli family. Well they wanted us to come back and we tried teaching the restoration, but the dad was just dwelling on the fact that "we think the bible is wrong" and I was getting heated cause he wasn't listening when we said "no we don't".....ha ha. It was tough. I think when he UNDERSTANDS the Book of Mormon he'll be better, it's just hard trying to explain it. Teaching the born again Christian type people is hard..... But we left them with a restoration pamphlet and they said to come back next Saturday.

So that afternoon Kupka sent an SMS asking what President wanted, and apparently he called them looking for me. So I called him back and he asked me questions to see if I'm able to be a district leader, and pretty much told me I'm leaving. I just don't know where to. So that is exciting as well.

Sunday was an alright day. It was drizzling and sorta our turnout at sacrament wasn't good at all. Phelicia came, and the KwaMagkaki Elders told me Motlalepula was only 2 people in sacrament meeting. It's just getting me down that the people here don't have much commitment. After church we gave Bro. Booyens a blessing. He's super sick. And then we had lunch at mama Hilda's home. She doesn't speak English very well so it's always funny, but it was really nice of her. Then we sat with that referral from Effenaar, taught the restoration and it was great, then saw why Claudia wasn't at church, and had a DA at the Tschibos! So we were pretty much stuffed full of food. We came back and started packing up our boarding, cause we were supposed to move boardings today, but this morning the zone leaders told us that we aren't actually moving until next week now.....
Most likely my last week here in Uitenhage! Hopefully it's a good one full of progressing people and the baptism of Claudia and Phelicia next week! The interviews still need to be done but right now we're planning on them! Should be a good one....hopefully. Ha ha.
Love, Elder Truscott

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