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Monday, February 9, 2015

Feb 9, 2015

Back: Elder Ratema, Elder Black, Elder Mariner and Elder Truscott
Front: Elder Malpage and Elder Williams

Elder Mariner and Elder Truscott

Elder Malpage, Elder Mariner, Elder Ratema, Elder Truscott, Elder Williams and Elder Black
This week, transfer week. It was a sad day to see Elder Mariner leave.....I miss him already. Ha ha. He is an awesome guy.
So Tuesday the Elders who were leaving Queenstown drove to East London, and it was Elder Ratema and I with Elder Williams for Tuesday and Wednesday working in Sada. It was a sad transfer day like I said but we saw them off on Tuesday, and then went out to work in Sada.
Then on Wednesday night the new Elders came in. Elder Kjeldsen is Elder Williams' new companion, and he's a pretty cool guy. He's from Denmark, and is kind of quiet so far, but he's really nice and it seems like it should be  good transfer!
It was pretty much an average week of missionary work....our lessons were a bit lower this week than before...we'll blame transfer week, but lots of our appts just dropped all week. I guess I can’t complain though, we still taught 25 lessons this week, which isn’t too bad. Among our many lessons we taught an unusually high amount of less active lessons....we taught 10 less actives this week! Which was great, cause it was ward conference this week, so the Stake Presidency was there and we had 7 less actives at church!
We also had a lesson that was super difficult. Man, we followed up on a referral, and we got there and he lied to us about who he was (he was the guy we were looking for, but he said his friend was, and after interpreting their Xhosa conversation we knew it was him we were looking for), so he told us to come back tomorrow. Well we did, and the appt. was terrible. He was like picking at us, trying to make us get caught up on ourselves, asking stupid questions and he and his friend were just being dumb trying to make us look stupid. I got pretty mad in that one....haha. But besides that appt. the week went well in terms of teaching!
So Sibu is still doing super well. I love this guy. He's progressing, and still fellowshipping. He came with us yesterday after church as well. We taught his mom this week as well, and she came to church yesterday, so it was awesome! Like I said, yesterday was Ward conference, which was pretty much normal church but we had people from East London here....but it was good. We didn’t have a lot of investigators there, but less actives came so it was good! We've been having success with less actives here!
After church, we went out and taught a lot! We had 8 lessons on Sunday, which was good cause it helped us get lots closer to our goals than we were! We also did more of that "testing the promises" thing, and we had 30 min, and ended up going on splits. Me, Bonga, and Sibu went one way, while Elder Ratema, sihle, and Athi went another, and we both ended up teaching a lesson and it was great! I'm excited cause we have a few progressing investigators and then our others suck, so we need to filter them right out. haha.
Oh, and last week  also lost my MSF card...but I forgot to tell you. haha. The electricity in QT is terrible, and it was off one night, and right when it came back on we ran to the ATM, and I decided that before putting in my home account card, I should test it with my MSF...I’m so glad. After I put it in the ATM, it restarted, and boom...card was never seen again. Ha ha. So if you see a few more charges than normal its my groceries while I wait for a new MSF card from the mission :)
But I'm looking forward to the transfer, it should be good and I'm keeping my fingers crossed it goes quick and we do some good work!
I love you so much, and miss you like crazy!
Elder Truscott

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