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Monday, February 2, 2015

Feb. 2, 2015

Elder Truscott - Burns his pants for his 18 month mark!

This week in Sada as far as missionary work was a good one. I still can’t complain about that much.
It was a pretty much average week to be honest....we taught, found, and tried to see investigators and less actives.
Last week the motto was sweat, this week it’s wet. It rained a lot this week! But I was super happy for that, cause the heat was killing me. The over castness of this week was much appreciated. Ha ha, and then it sucks cause I know it’s still summer and as soon as this ends its back to blistering heat, but I'll take what I can get ;)
So on Wednesday, we had our normal appt. with the Miselo family, the family that stays in that village a ways away. Well at the end of our appt, the one guy, Sipinathi, wanted to play that hand slapping game, where you just slap the other persons hand until you miss, and then you I agreed thinking it was just going to be a fun small game....flip! He hit freakin hard! My hand was completely numb and purple....and then he missed, and a bit later he quit. hahaha. so that was funny. And my hand is pretty much better now.
On a totally different topic, Friday I was on exchanges with Elder Williams in Ilinge. He is awesome, and I wanted to work in Ilinge again cause I wanted to do that "testing the promises" thing there to keep the area going strong. Well I did a few baptismal interviews for people there, a guy named Wonga, and a younger kid named Lindokuhle, and then we did that testing thing. We set the goal for a lesson taught from finding and a return appt. separate from the lesson. Well the first house we went to, taught a great lesson, and then we ended up getting 2 return appts, and a less active appt! It was a great exchange, we did lots of work and helped the area, so I was glad about that.
In Sada, we taught a good amount of lessons this week again, a bit less than last week, but we are going to exceed last week this coming week, that is my goal. But we are teaching this one kid, named Sibu. He is 16 turning 17, and a super stud. We gave him a baptism date of March 22nd this week, and he came fellowshipping with us on Saturday. Well he really loved it, so when we got to church with him on Sunday, he was like "who are going to see today?" and came with us all day on Sunday, and then wants to come with us today again. He bore testimony, translated with Bonga, and he's learning a lot and is progressing really well. It was awesome. He came home from his dad's village, and told us last week he'd read some of the Book of Mormon while he was there, and felt like the desire he had to learn more was his answer! So we are excited about that one :)
Sunday we had a good day. We only had Sibu and Iviwe in terms of investigators at church, but we had 7 less actives we've been working with come to church! So that was a great turn out!! I was happy about that :)
Then all week I have been trying to burn those pants, but the one night it wasn’t raining, I had a headache....hahaha, so last night I did it cause I knew you guys wanted pics :) I don’t know...but I think those pants we got at Men’s Warehouse are flipping flame resistant ;) haha. It took a looong time to catch those things on fire, but I got it!
Not a bad week! Transfer week though, Elder Mariner is going to Cape Town, and we are getting a new elder here that I don’t know! So it should be good! I'm thinking my last 6 weeks in Sada starts fingers crossed it will be a good one!

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