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Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11, 2015

 Monday after emailing we went to Mzoli's, the braai place in Gugs

I was able to take all the things that you sent to the Sibotoboto's! I love that family


Exchanges with Elder Kupka 

Mother's Day Skype Home

A pic of Elder Truscott at the Kruger's (sent to me by Sis. Kruger on Mother's day)
I guess nothing compares in my week to being able to skype with you...but I'll tell you about the rest of my week as well.
So last Monday after emailing we went to Mzoli's, the braai place in Gugs, and we all got some nice meat and had a nice time there! After that I was able to go out and visit a few of the people I know! I got to see Sibu and his grandma, which was really cool! Sibu's grandma remembered me and was like Truscott why are you so scarce!? We miss you!" and it was really nice to see Sibu again. Then I got to see Zuko and Sasa if you remember them! They are doing alright, Sasa is still sitting with the missionaries, but Zuko hasn’t seen any in a while, but they are still awesome! And the Plaatjies werent home, Bantu and Akhona were at work, so we had to head out, but it was awesome to see a few folks from Gugs! Then that night we had a great FHE with the Adam's family!
Tuesday was a decent day. We had 7 set appts, and 4 of them held, but we taught 5 lessons that day. It was good. We were at Bro. Hein's house that night for dinner. He is in the bishopric and has an EXTREMELY nice house. It was very nice to be with him and his family, and they are super nice people! Then after that dinner we had a 2 hour power discussion with a guy who is going to study in Kentucky to be a pastor.....we talked about pretty much everything we believe, from Jospeh Smith and prophets, to the temples, and everything in between. Flip. I felt like Elder Prisbrey and I answered very well and used the scriptures to explain and expound everything we really wanted to say! We gave him a Book of Mormon and hopefully as he reads he'll feel how true all of it is.
Wednesday was a slow day, we taught a few lessons, but I was super exhausted and started to get a little sick that day. Then that night we had to set up for zone conference the next night...luckily for us the senior couples in the cape town area were there as well and they did lots of it which we were very grateful for!
Then Thursday was zone conference! Elder Evans, from the missionary department, was there and spoke to us. It was nice, except I was sick and had a runny nose and stuffed up sinuses the whole time...but he taught about good stuff and since he was a General Authority it was mainly him  speaking.....
Friday we had a REALLY slow day, but it ended great cause I was able to take all the things that you sent to the Sibotoboto's! I love that family. It was a great night there. And after that we started exchanges cause I  was with Elder Kupka on Saturday in Bellville.
We had a really nice day Saturday. We taught a good amount of lessons and had one cool experience! Before lunch we had some time and we went to an area I had never been to. I didn’t know what a realistic goal was for this area, cause it was a nicer area. We asked for one lesson in an hour. We walked and tracted for the whole hour. Nothing. On our way back to the car there was a white man working in his driveway, so we started talking to him. He opened up the gate, talked with us, and spent a solid 45 minutes teaching him points from the restoration and talking! He does import/export stuff so he travels lots, but we got his details, and regardless of what happens, Heavenly Father blessed us AFTER the hour, for our hour of hard work to meet our goal. I count it as a success.
Sunday was of course Mother’s Day. I am so grateful for you mom. I love you so much. Skyping was pretty much the highlight of that day of course, and like I said I’m super grateful the Ellis' let us use their home and stuff....and then after that we went to the Krugers. It’s cool that she sent you that pic :) She is a very nice lady and that family is great!
Well I’ve been excited to chat and talk with you mom.  I also know that you are proud of me mom. I really do. I know I've changed a lot into a better man in general, and I know that you know that as well. Thank you for helping me through it all. I love you and I miss you more than you can even imagine.
Elder Truscott

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