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Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015

Tuesday was Elder Pahulu's 6 month on mission mark! We picked them up from their last appt. and went out to Burger King to eat!  Elder Truscott, Elder Pahulu, Elder Prisbrey and Elder Mendenhall
So my week here was flipping long. I don’t know why, transfer week maybe, but it seemed like it took forever. haha.

Monday last week we did that FHE at the chapel. We did a little skit on using the Preach my Gospel in FHE's, and it went pretty well I guess. People laughed and hopefully they start using it. Then we had some games and food, and it was a nice evening.

Tuesday was Elder Pahulu's 6 month on mission mark! We picked them up from their last appt. and went out to Burger King to eat! It was a nice time and then we went home and he burned his’s nice to be around people who have big click days like that :) My next big one will be with you and we will burn my suit! Ha ha.

Wednesday this week was transfer day, so everyone who was leaving their area flew out. Elder Prisbrey and I were at the mission home making sure everyone was on time and that the few changes from our zone went well. It was a nice time to just be able to see everyone honestly. Ha ha, it was cool. But we stayed the same, so we spent a bit of time there in the morning and afternoon and then came back to Bellville!

We had a normal week of missionary work after transfer day. We worked and tried to get some good lessons in. I will tell you about a super weird lesson we had this week! haha, so we were having a lesson with a member who always invites her friends.
Well we were in the room with 5 Christians (including us), a muslim, and 2 guys who used to be satanists. We had a weird discussion and it really went nowhere.....but made for an interesting time. Made me happy to believe in Christ after that one.

The people here are doing alright. The Pienaar family decided not to go on with our that sucked. Billy is doing good. We had a lesson with him and his brother Joseph yesterday. They haven’t gotten to read the BOM yet, but they are interested still. I think Billy is easier to teach than his brother...but Billy got robbed this week so he wants to go back to Zimbabwe...we will see how that goes. Patricia has a baptismal date now, we were shooting for May 10, but we are going to push it back cause we haven’t been able to see her, and her husband sold their car so they haven’t been at church. Throws a wrench in baptism for sure ;) But it will still happen!

And this week we got a new baptism date too! So we have been seeing that girl named Sam, who we met at the recent converts house. Well we were teaching her the plan of salvation this week, and as we started, I just got the feeling to follow up on her prayers of the Book of Mormon, so I asked her. She was super happy to tell us that she prayed, and felt like these things were true, and wants to learn more, and we committed her to be baptized on the 31st of May and she said yes! So as long as she can come to church she'll be golden! It was good :)

We are still trying to find some really good father led families. Trying hard.....but we have some we need to follow up on , and the numbers game continues, the more we find, the better changes one will progress. Flip it’s a process though.

Hopefully this week goes fast and it’s a good one! I'm excited to skype home and see you though!

Elder Truscott

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