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Monday, May 25, 2015

May 25, 2015

Elder Truscott climbing Devils Peak

Elders eating at Starlight Diner

Well this week went a bit faster than last week did for me, so I guess that is a good thing!
This morning we went and hiked Devil's Peak early...that is why I'm emailing later today! It was a really fun hike, and it’s the one that I hadn't done. Kupka hadn't done it either, and since he only has like 2 more P Days, we decided to do it today! We hiked up and it was in the morning, so it was kind of cold, but then we got towards the top and went into the clouds and it got SUUUPER windy and cold. It was actually really fun. We have some cool videos and pics from the top with the clouds all around us (we couldnt see Cape Town...haha) and it just being windy as can be. It was a good time but our legs are all dead....then we went and got some EFB cause we deserved it ;) ha ha.
Last Monday we went and had a braai at Bro. Hein's place that night, It was lots of fun.
This week was a lot like last week in terms of lessons taught...we did teach a few, but lots of them dropped and we ended up teaching a bit, like time went faster than last week, but not as much or as many as we wanted. One good thing is that we have been getting a few new investigators, and the ones that we have are really starting to progress. Which is cool. I think I was just getting tired of having people to teach but nobody progress, so we've been more bold about baptism with the people, and it seems to be doing really well. People are committing to be baptized once they know that what we're sharing is true, so that always helps stay positive even when the total lessons wasn’t as high as we wanted.
Friday we had a really good district meeting about observing, listening, discerning, and THEN teaching. It was good, makes me be more patient and not just rush into a lesson or a principle, but it really helped us later that day with a lesson we had, so that was cool.
Saturday was awesome too....we went and had breakfast at Shauwn and Carey's house. It was super nice. We cooked, I won’t lie though I kind of slacked on the cooking part, so I will say the other Elders cooked. Ha ha ha. But it was a great morning with them. Then after that it was just an overcast day of missionary work! The weather is slowly starting to transition into winter here, I love it.
We've been teaching girls named Sam and Ntombethembu, they are relatives to a recent convert. They are super awesome and they are loving the gospel. Reading the Book of Mormon and doing super great! We've also been teaching a mother and son named Julia and Yolisa....all 4 of them came to church this week! It was super cool!
Then 2 of Andrew's (Elder Gertzen’s) friends came through as well for the first time, and I don’t know about his friends, but the 4 we've been teaching really enjoyed church! It was great!
Like I said, this week was a decent one...I can’t complain. Less people taught, but the most visitors in sacrament meeting since I've been here, so I'm pumped about that! I guess that is what really counts as well! We are going to keep seeing these new people we've met and try to get them to progress! haha. Just another week!
Love and Miss you,
Elder Truscott

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