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Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12, 2013 In the Mission Field

Well I got here in the field and was assigned to the Gugulethu area. Look it up on google earth it's sooo freaking different! There are goats and street dogs, mixed in with a few chickens, running around all over the place!....I'm the only missionary that didnt have to immediately go and catch another flight out of the area, but that doesnt mean I'm in the "Cape Town" that people vacation in, you'll see.

My trainer is Elder Gertzen.....I'm roomed with 2 other elders, Creech and Erickson, who are pretty cool guys. It's way better than the MTC!
It's hard to tract I guess cause so many people are like wandering around and are either homeless or live in these shacks, so traditional knocking on doors hasn't come up yet. But we get to the appointment my trainer had set up and this guy speaks French and doesn't understand a single word Gertzen is saying (I don't think).....he barely speaks any English. The people in Gugulethu are notorious around the mission for being crazy I guess.....on my second day a guy started talking in tongues, and apparently it was God telling him that how Gertzen was interpreting the scripture was wrong? super weird stuff......

The church/branch is super small! like only 20ish people were there in sacrament meeting! I had to introduce myself, and I was kinda nervous, so I started by "good morning, I'm bro-I mean Elder Truscott" ha,ha. ya that was embarrassing a bit, but there was only 20 people, and then I just said I'm super glad to be here and get to know all of you.

I will send you the picture of our room that I have in the Flat with Gertz, and with the desks and beds (Twin) we don't have much room at all, nothing in our flat is clean at pretty gross actually...a few areas (kitchen) would cause you to hurl.

The weather is kinda cold.....not my coat right now, but its getting towards the end of winter, so next year I might get the brunt of it worse, but at the moment I'm just in a long sleeved shirt, and I've worn the sweaters :)

So far the field is much much better than the MTC, but days are long....I'm waiting for it to start flying by like everyone says it does!!
I miss you and love you so so much.

Elder Truscott

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