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Monday, August 26, 2013

1st click down...23 to go

Alright, well my week wasn't too exciting....we taught a few people and we're trying to focus on how to have our investigators progress. The highlight of my week was the exchanges with Elder Tuks, and we had a blast of a day! He picked me up, we went straight to McDonalds and got mcflurrys haha. He has a 2 man boarding, so it was just us. He's a Zone Leader so he can do whatever he wants pretty much....Well we got up in the morning, went to McDonalds, had a big breakfast with pancakes and a mcmuffin and Orange Juice, and went to District Meeting. We went to the mall, and hung out, and I'm going to have to take you there when you come pick me up! It was a sweet day. We then visited a few of the members over there, and they were white skinned, a very nice change.....Sunday was my first click day, which means I've been out for one month :) only 23 left! I sent the SD card, and I cant wait for it to get there, make sure that you let me know when it does! And the pictures I sent too, in a different envelope.
Yes, sister Joyce cooked for us a few times...the first Sunday she made us pork(which is super fatty here so I had a lot that I picked off), some beans, potato salad, and a little bit of coleslaw, and some ice cream for dessert.
The second Sunday she made us these things called ammaguinas, I dont know how to spell it, but its nickname is fat cook. Its like a scone type thing/ biscuit with hamburger. Yesterday the Madaza's cooked for us, and they made us noodles, with chicken, beans, and potato salad, so it wasn't bad :)
I am rushed to get off because we have to go let the plumber into our flat, so that our washer and drains will be working.

The first pic is me and Erickson and the second is me with my noodles and hamburger :) and the third one is me and Creech :)

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