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Monday, October 14, 2013

Oct. 14, 2013 - Chicken Anyone?

This week wasn't too bad! Last Monday we hiked table mountain like I said last week, and then just went to eastern food bizarre for dinner! Haha, it's this eastern place that has like over 100 things on the menu! I went there back when I was on exchanges with Chikara, and showed these guys, and now it's the go-to! Everything is only like 35 like 4 bucks :)
Tuesday we had lots of appointments drop :( we went over to Xolani's place cause we had an appt set with him, and apparently he was at a disability grant thing. But guess who was there....WASTED as ever Lawrence, his drunk uncle :) he called us in the house, and then babbled for a bit about Jesus. Hahahaha. Then he wanted to introduce us to his friends at the he walked us over to where he drinks, and introduced us! He WOULD NOT leave us, and we were walking to meet up with this guy named Sandi who we had given a pamphlet to read....well Lawrence followed! Hahahaha, the first ever drunk fellowshipper ;) so we got to Sandi's place, and turns out Lawrence and Sandi don't really like each after having Lawrence tell him to F.O. We decided to set a return appt and leave ;) hahahahaha

 I think this one might make G-Pa Chase proud......but I'll tell you the whole story :) so the other week we were walking around by mama Joyce's place, and met this lady named Porche.....well we set an appt and left. We went back to teach her and she pretty much blew us off, but we met her "business partner" in the chicken game. We got talking, and she said they slaughter the chickens, and then sell them! Well thinking I've heard G-Pa talk about it and stuff I figured I'd offer my assistance! Not thinking anything would come of it I was like "oh ya I've killed chickens before, you ought to call us next time!" And we left! Well Wednesday guess what happened....SHE CALLED!! We spent Wednesday morning slaughtering chickens! Hahahaha, I was on exchanges with Makombe, so all 4 of us went over there and helped them! We helped them slaughter them and feather them......haha, gross.....but the coolest thing I've done on my mission probably ;) who needs Ag College when you come to SA ;) so that killed Wednesday morning, and then Makombe and I went out for appointments, and ended the day with eastern food. 

 Bro. Madaza's, who is one of the members in the branch, sister passed away the other week, so Thursday afternoon we went to the memorial service that they had at the church. It was super sad, she was only 17, so her school and stuff came to the church for the service. Apparently she had asthma and at the same time as her tonsils were having problems her kidney died. I was sitting in the front cause I gave the closing prayer, and while the people were speaking I started thinking of bro. Madaza, which led to what if this was Alex or Kaitlyn's memorial?! I started getting emotional!
Investigators....hmm....well Mzuko is moving right along towards baptism in Nov....we are just trying to make sure that he keeps living the Word of Wisdom and LOC. So that would be the thing that keeps him from being baptized while I'm in Gugs. He is doing really well though...per my suggestion, he has swapped in Hot chocolate for coffee :)
Sibusiso Malumbazo is awesome....he came to church this week and his baptism was announced in Priesthood class! And he said that he loved feeling so accepted and like he's already part of the group. He is excited for his baptism, and we are just meeting with him multiple times a week so that we can get him taught everything before his interview next week! :) It is going to be really cool to see him be baptized....October 27th looks like the day :)

Xolani admitted to us that he smoked last week....which sucks, but at the same time we already knew, so it's good that he just told us so that we could start helping him and show our support. He's been taught everything already obviously, and so now we are just re rounding, and we will have even more time to do that now....but we will push it back another 3 months and shoot for that! They just treat him like a normal investigator even though he was baptized....unfortunately he relapsed before he could be confirmed.
Less active work is carrying on as sucks but we do it a lot. We get commitment after commitment from people who then don't end up going to church. Like we visited a Bro. Matthew and he said if we called him at 8 on Sunday morning and woke him up then he would come to church....well I called and woke him up, and then what do you know? he never showed up! It gets annoying....but whatever, that's what we do ;)

We are still just doing our regular meetings with the Pluckey's every week, and they go great! I love that family! They are feeding us this coming week when we go over there, or that's the plan anyways, cause our appt. is a bit later. We taught them a lesson on service this week, and it went really well, but anything that we share with them goes great.....they just like having us there I think, which I won't complain, because they are really great people :)
Sunday we just went to church as usual....did a little bit of work in the area...and then came back! Elder Erickson and I made chocolate covered pretzels with the Hershey's kisses, snickers bars, and the pretzels that you sent me....I attached a picture of it for you :)
That's pretty much it for this week! A good week in all though...we did some fun stuff, which makes it better :)

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