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Monday, October 21, 2013

Oct. 21, 2013

My week wasnt too bad actually!
Another solid week in terms of food....hahaha...its the first thing I write about cause its success ;) From Sunday to Sunday...we set another new record! in 8 days....8 times were we fed :) hahaha, we could have even gotten more!! Yesterday we had an appt. after church and we had a HUGE meal, and then our very next appt. said we should stay for lunch....and we had to deny them because not only had we just eaten...but we had an appt. in an hour :( haha, but the mom came out and insisted we had we ate a slice of chocolate cake and left!
Last Monday we went to Family Home Evening with the Sibortoborto's, and like she requested, I didnt do my hair for the appointment ;) hahaha. It went really well though, just had a nice night with them...they are super cool, and then I used those BOM cards that Tom gave me as the activity and we played the matching game with the little kids :)
Well on Wednesday I was on exchanges with was a nice break! We had a nice day......ending up with us making a bag of the chili you sent me and each having one of those desserts :) so THANK YOU! :) it was a nice kind of "goodbye Erickson" day!

More in terms of investigators and people...hmm...
Oh I was so scared this week! hahaha. We have an activity that we do on Friday nights with the youth, and we usually end up taking kids home. Well Mzuko likes to come to the activities, and we gave him a ride home afterwards! He likes to be funny and jump in the front seat so I sit in the back, and when we got to his house he jumped out and walked to the gate, and then I threw on my backpack to take it up with me and got out to jump in the front seat. OUT OF NOWHERE out of the corner of my eye I see this like 20ish year old kid sprinting at me! I just had this burst of adrenaline and he clipped my backpack! Mzuko yelled....I just froze....and it turns out that Mzuko and this kid are friends!! Boy did it scare the crap out of me though! Even Gertzen thought for a second I could have been getting mugged! hahaha.

Sibusiso Malumbazo's baptismal interview was yesterday!! He passed with flying colors, and next week it looks like I will get to baptize him! I'm super excited for him! He's a super cool kid that I FOUND! haha. So next week I should have some pics of that :)

Less Active work is just moving along....a few of the members are getting more and more involved in it, so on Thursday nights we always go and do LA work with the members and try to reactivate a few of the people! We went with Bro. Allie one time this week and visited a few people he knows from a long time ago in the branch. We went into this one place....and we opened the door, flies EVERYWHERE! dead on the ground, flying in the air....Oh my gosh it was nasty! haha. Newspapers and crap all over the floor, food that was just moldy and rotten on the floor....stagnant water with seriously MOSS or mold growing on was the nastiest place i've been in! the dude is in a wheelchair and smokes and drinks...the ceiling was turned black from the smoke! Well we talked about what happened...and then Bro. Allie offered our assistance in cleaning the house. We wheeled him out and then cleaned the place as best we could...but it was SO NASTY!

Yesterday at church something kinda cool happened too :) We walked in...and none of our investigators had made it to we just sat down and whatever. Well there was this guy there who we had never seen before. I started talking to him and he said that he lived in our area....and used to be a church goer. Turns out this guy said we could call him "Stone", and he has been in Prison for 5 years...just got out on Tuesday! hahaha. He was a nice guy for all I could see....and we are going to see him this coming week :)

Thank you so much :) I love you :) I miss you guys so badly....and I love getting the letters and packages. Just reminds me how much you love me :)


Elder Truscott

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