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Monday, October 28, 2013


Elder Truscott, Sibusiso Malumbazo, Elder Gertzen

Well as of Friday I am officially 3 months in!! feels like
a life time ago that I was at the airport with you guys!

 We saw him twice this week in prep
for his baptism, and we just asked him how the interview went, gave
him a few scriptures on the core earth life cause he asked for them,
and just chatted. Elder Gertzen was telling Sibu he got to choose who
 would baptize him....and the next time we went there Gertzen
asked if he'd made a decision. Well Sibu was like "yes, I made a
decision, my main man Elder Truscott, been here since day one with
me!" Oh man I was excited!!

 Tuesday was Sandiswa's birthday, and she invited us over for her
birthday dinner! It was pretty fun I guess....everyone here has the
exact same things to eat....pap and gravy, and then some meat. It was
still good though, and free ;) haha. We were the only ones there who
didn't speak Xhosa when the mom was talking to the
girls (Sandiswa is a twin) people would translate for us! Haha.

  That recent convert I talked about, Bantu, well he's in a REALLY dark
place :( We saw him earlier this week and he was just at home on the
couch when we got there. He is SO DOWN cause he had his hopes up on
this job at a chip factory...and nothing has pulled through yet. It's
been almost a year since he's had a job, and he just broke down crying
on the couch saying he has no hope, and that he didn't have anything
to eat the day before, only water. I gave him the only 20 rand I had
on me and told him never to go a whole day without eating.  I was so
sad for this guy! He even mentioned he felt like killing himself :( We
tried our best to get his hopes up, and we decided that he needed to
take his CV (like the equivalent of a résumé) to places and start
looking! Well we took him out on Thursday and drove all around
dropping off his CV to a bunch of different places, and hopefully
something comes out of it

Zuko is doing really good. He has kept away from all word of wisdom
problems and is keeping the law of chastity like a champ! We asked him
why he wants to be baptized....cause we don't want him to just do it
cause he likes us....and he told us that this makes him a better
person and that's what he wants to be, so pretty much perfect ;)

This week with the Pluckeys I gave the little girl the stuff you sent,
  they were super happy and appreciative! But Nwabisa is
terrified. She is going in for a CAT scan on Wed. because the doctor
they went to said that he thinks she might have a tumor and that is
what's causing all this stuff to happen to I will keep you
updated but boy am I scared too! They are awesome people and I hope
things go well with her appt.

  My second transfer is officially over though now! Got my third planner
;) In all...last transfer we had 2 baptisms and we got fed 22
times....that might be a record ;) ha ha.
Love you and miss you...

Elder Truscott


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