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Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013

 Today we hiked Table Mountain....that is what is in the picture :) It was really good, and it took a long time. We went with 4 other elders, it was good! Took most the day!
They have these guys here called "rasta's". They ride those things around the streets and collect scrap metal and garbage and then go and sell it! They are really crazy dudes!

Here is the weekly update!
So this week wasn't very exciting.....nothing much happened that is crazy or cool to talk about! The best thing about this week was the fact that, from last Sunday to this Sunday we were fed 7 times, which is pretty dang good!

Today, just barely, we hiked Table Mountain....that is what is in the picture :) It was really good, took a long time. We went with 4 other Elders. It was good! Took most the day! It's definitely somewhere where I want to take you guys when you come and pick me up :)

On Tuesday we had zone was so long!! It took from 8 in the morning until 5! Just sitting there listening to missionaries give talks! But I got to see lots of super cool Elders and talk with other kids, so it was a good break!
Our mornings are REALLY boring, cause our first appts. Are around 2, so until then Gertz just makes up work to do that always results with nothing productive done at all. Once our first appt hits though the days go by a lot faster :)

Wednesday we went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. I was with Elder Mholo in an area called Langa. It was a decent day. We even got fed on exchanges! But that day we got a call from the mission office telling us to come in. We did, and there were 3 guys from Ghana that just walked up to the mission office and asked about our church! Mholo and I went in and taught them, and left them with a BOM and stuff. They were pretty cool guys, and I called them on Sunday to check in and see if anyone has contacted them yet, and the 2 I got a hold of said nobody had, so I need to get someone on that ;)

With the focus in the branch on less actives we are still doing a bunch of that work. The Pluckey family, whose little girl will love the stuff you are sending, is one we sit with every week as you can probably tell. Our lessons always go great, and they are starting to come back to church now! The mom was even at conference, but the dad had work!

Every Thursday night we go with the Branch Leaders, sometimes on splits, and do less active work. This week we went with Bro. Gova to visit some people, and then guessed it, he fed us ;) haha.

Our main investigators right now are Sibu and Mzuko. The Nono's are great too, but the dad is just really hard to teach. Our lessons with them are always SUPER short so he can understand them.
Sibu is seriously doing amazing!! He is being baptized on Oct. 27th as it sits right now, and I think I'll be doing the honors! We are meeting with him 3 times a week so that we will have everything taught, but he's super strong and accepts everything we say! It's actually really cool to see someone that I met go through the process and be so close to baptism :)
Mzuko is good still too. He is just kinda going with the flow I think....but he says that he is doing well with the no smoking and no drinking and law of chastity stuff, so we will cross our fingers that he gets baptized in November, which is what we're shooting for! He wasn't there on Sunday for conference, so we went by his place during one of the breaks. We saw him coming out of the gate and so we stopped and said hi, asked him what's up and stuff. He just said that he forgot it was Sunday and that he had spent the day with his friend. We shook his hand good-bye....smelt our hands....and he'd most definitely been smoking. It totally sucks because he was SO strong and SO into our lessons and stuff! He'd been coming to everything! Major let down on that we will have to figure all that out this week.

Saturday night and Sunday were Sunday was a pretty long day. hahaha. We just sat at the church building for most of the day, except going to see why people didn't show up. But the session was good. For the majority of the day I was playing with Pres. Sibortoborto's kid named Zanokhanyo. He's a pretty funny kid, so we just doodled and played tic tac toe for a long time! haha. But I'm not really sure how the sessions lined up to be honest.....We watched one Sat. night, and then we had 3 on Sunday, one at 11, one at 3, and one at 6. I have no idea...I just sat down and watched. haha.
That's the weekly report for you :) Like I said, nothing too crazy this running into shabins or anything ;)
Elder Truscott

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