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Monday, November 18, 2013

As far as my week goes.... this week was good :)

Elder Truscott with two Primary kids from the Branch (Zuko is in the red pants to the side of him)

Elder Truscott with investigator Sanele

Elder Truscott with his Thanksgiving package

Elder Truscott with his new companion Elder Hlope at the internet cafe
As far as my week goes.... this week was good :) last Monday after emailing we went back to the boarding and just chilled and hung out...

Sunday was a pretty eventful day though!  So at church, we got a new Branch President. President Sibortoborto doesn't live within the boundaries he couldn't really stay Branch President. But he was released and they put in Brother Ngokwana (sp?) as his replacement. It sucks though, cause now the Sibortobortos have to start attending the ward which they now live in, so they have like 4 more Sundays in Gugs I think! 

 After church we went over to Mama Joyce's for lunch and then out to see people. We stopped by Bro. Unam and Sis. Renee's place to get everything figured out with Sanele and see how they were doing. They had some family party thing going on at their house all weekend. We got there, we all started talking and joking, and next thing I know they bring out smiley for me to eat....which is a cooked goats head....they said that I had to eat a little of it. Haha, Hlophe and Renee video recorded it on my camera. You just pull the meat right off the skull!! Oh it's nasty! Haha. It's honestly like an alien looking head that you are just eating! I ate some, Hlophe ate some, and then the Africans came in and devoured it!
We visited a few other people, and then came back for dinner because the senior couple here (the Frances) had us over for dinner :)

As far as people go it's coming right along!
Brother Skumbuzo gave a talk this week..... He pretty much gave a nice talk on missionary work, and then started yelling/preaching to us that the light of Christ is in us and stuff....haha. It was intense ;)
Sanele, we got all the permission we need (I think) to be able to baptize this little girl  :) we are planning on baptizing her next week! Nov. 24th, and we have the branch presidents permission, Sanele's moms permission, and now we just have to call President Wood and tell him that the branch president approved it :) but she's an adorable little girl so that will be next week hopefully!

 We aren't going to baptize Zuko....he is going to the bush at the beginning of next month, and apparently when the boys go there they teach them some crazy things. Oh, I don't know if you know what the bush is? But ya, it's pretty crazy. So we decided we are just going to keep teaching him, but not baptize cause he'll be gone in December and when he gets back if he still wants to he can sit with the missionaries.

 The Nono family! Well we sat with bro. Madaza for correlation meeting and talked about how the mom and daughter want to be baptized. He told us that it's really our call, whether we do it without the husband or not, so we figured we should progress the progressing and go ahead and baptize Sisanda and Analisa. We still need to sit with them and give them a date and let them know, but we should baptize both of them before the end of the transfer. So that will be good :)

 Stone is just kinda cruising right along. Nothing really happens with him cause we only see him once a week. He just listens, But we teach him, and he is learning. We need to teach him how to pray though, cause I've never heard someone pray saying "father Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit" so many times! Haha.
Besides those main investigators, it's just a bit of less active work and recent convert lessons! But no complaints from me, I'm enjoying life with elder Hlophe!
Love and miss you more than you know!
Love, Elder Truscott

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