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Monday, November 4, 2013

Nov. 4, 2013 TRANSFERS!!! My new comp. is Elder Hlophe!

Elder Truscott at the Cape Town Castle

TRANSFERS!! Elder Gertzen was transferred to George, and I'm still here! Elder Hlophe is my new companion. He's from Mafiking SA..... This kid is awesome! He's super chilled and cool, and I'm excited for this transfer :) The boarding is a LOT different now, Erickson was replaced by Elder Cobabe.

 As for the people here in Gugs....

Sibusiso Malumbazo is now officially confirmed a member and has the  Holy Ghost! It was cool, he showed up to church and I started talking to him about his confirmation, and asked who he wanted to do it....I was kind of pushing for the Branch President to do it since I was nervous to, haha, but he was like, well I'd want you to do I baptized Sibu and confirmed him :) I just thought it was awesome that he wanted ME to do everything :)

Elder Hlophe got a Bro. Skumbuzo experience pretty quickly. Ha ha ha. We went to his place this week with Bro. Allie cause he had heard Skumbuzo wasn't doing well, and we found him pretty sick. He said his chest was really giving him problems and he didn't feel as "spiritually charged" as he used to. We talked for a bit and then ended up giving the guy a blessing. After the blessing he was like
"I'm fully charged with the spirit, I can feel something is going to happen!".....and broke out speaking in tongues and shaking.....ha ha ha, welcome to Gugs Elder Hlophe!

We WERE trying for Nov. 10th for Zuko to be baptized, but he's not ready for next week...So hopefully soon :)

The Nono family is pretty much the exact same. The mom and daughter want to be baptized BADLY and the dad doesn't really care, he's just drinking and blowing off our appointments, so it's difficult. Analisa loves the necklace you sent her though :) she wrote me a little card and gave it to me when we went there this week! We just have to decide how long we wait for the husband I guess before we just move the mom and kid along to baptism.
The Pluckey family :) I seriously love these people! We sat with them on Tuesday with Gertzen as a farewell, and then again on Sat. Night.  They are super funny. They joked on Sat. That the food we were going to be having was tripe. Google that. Oh I was disgusted, and Langa just laughed and put it back in the freezer, and then pulled out cheese burgers. Ha ha ha. 

Another little girl that we are teaching is named Sanele. She's 11 and totally adorable :) she is Bro. Unam's niece.  He asked us a while ago to start teaching her, so we have been! Before we can really get her baptized though we need her parents approvals and stuff like we will have to
figure that out. But we were at Unam's place yesterday cause he and his wife didn't come to church, so we were just making sure everything was alright. We stayed there for a while just chatting with his wife. Sister Renee is super awesome, and she invited us to her sons birthday party on Tuesday. Ha ha, I told her that I would show her how this missionary bakes cake, so I have to go buy a birthday cake on Tuesday ;) and in turn we get to teach Sanele that night and then get fed by Renee and have a good time :)
That was my insane week...lots of changes, but good ones, and I'm
looking forward to the transfer :)
I love you so so much, and miss you like crazy :)


Elder Truscott

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