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Monday, November 25, 2013

TODAY IS MY 4 MO. MARK!! Exactly 4 months :)

Elder Truscott with the  Unam Family at Sanele's Baptism

Elder Truscott with Sanele at her Baptism
Well this week was a good one! No complaints from me, except that the transfer is slowly coming to an end :(
Last Monday we had an awesome P Day :)  Abonghile, a less active young guy, wanted to go hiking, he had mentioned it the other day! We texted him saying that we would love to tag along if he was still planning on going! So we met up with him after the interview for Sanele's baptism and we went with him and his siblings who are members and hiked Lions Head Mountain a bit :) It was SUPER cool cause it was getting dark at that point so we were overlooking Cape Town and it was all lit up and the moon was out and everything, it was super nice :)

Sanele's baptism was this Sunday! It was super cool :) she decided that she wanted me to do it too! We just asked her who she wanted, and said that Bro. Unam, her Uncle, could do it, but she still said Elder Truscott :) hahaha, she picked me over her Uncle!  She is super cute and the baptism was great! Unam's WHOLE family came to support her, and Sanele's mom came as well! Apparently (I was changing when she did it) when Sanele bore her testimony after the baptism she started crying. She's cute and I'm happy for her!

As usual I'll give you an update of the people that we're seeing here in Gugs!
Zuko is going to the bush, so pretty much same old same old with him....but we still love to go see and teach him cause he's an awesome nothing much there.

 The Nono's are awesome and they are excited for their baptism coming up! We have to meet with them this week and have the interview, so they should be good! We will just run through the law of chastity and the word of wisdom with them and they should be good to go! We are pushing Bro. Nkosana cause obviously we want him baptized soon. So we said he needed to be baptized and live the gospel so that he can baptize his son. Ha ha, hopefully he really starts progressing!

We started teaching Bro. Gova's house maid this week, and she is pretty much golden. We went and ate at the Gova's house and afterward taught the maid the restoration. She has been going to church with the Gova's for a few weeks now too. She told us that she has been to many churches, but something about ours is different and she wants to be a member! So we will keep teaching her, plus every time we go there the Gova's feed us ;)

 Besides our main investigators we are still meeting with our pool of less actives. There are plenty, but the main ones we have weekly appointments with are the Plaatjie family, Bro. Belle, and  Abonghile. The others drop appointments so we have to kinda "pop" in ;) but the work is going well! I can't complain! Plus I have a cool companion so that always helps ;)

That is about it for this week's updates mom :)
Elder Truscott


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