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Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013

Elder Truscott with Lawrence
Alrighty, as far as my week goes This week has been really good
actually :) I got the card that Alex wrote me with the picture in
it....and I loved it, you were right when you told him I like the
written things too! Oh and I got a letter from Tom!

Nothing really exciting happened this week actually....

Last Monday for P Day, we went to waterfront, all 4 of us. It was
cool. I'd been there ya know, but it was a good time!

On Tuesday we had Sis. Renee's sons birthday party! Haha, I told her I
would show her how this missionary bakes, and that I'd bring the
cake....well she thought I was actually going to bake ;) I went to the
store and bought this big chocolate cake with strawberries on top and
everything, then took off the cover and stuck in a candle and me and
Hlophe walk in like we baked it. Hahaha, they were confused, cause we
just said we made it....I'm sure they figured it out though ;)
Tuesday was a good day overall too, cause we taught 6 lessons that day.

 Elder Hlophe actually can't drive, so I do all the driving this
transfer, and he's never driven stick before, so this week we had our
last appt. drop one night so we just came back to Pinelands where we
live, and we ended up going to these neighborhoods where there wasn't
much traffic and I taught Hlophe how to drive manual! Haha, it's
pretty funny that I'M teaching him since I still kill it occasionally
;) I'm actually not too bad now....just a few engine revving moments
;) but lets just say he doesn't drive for a reason ;) hahaha, it was
super funny though, and we had a good time :)

  Oh, and it only took me 3 and a half months, but I finished the Book
of Mormon from start to finish:) 
Well that's pretty much the whole weeks highlights for you :) like I
said, nothing too exciting went on this week, hopefully next week
something crazy will happen ;) haha!

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