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Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Week

Elder Truscott and Elder Graydon (His new Comp)

Elder Erickson and Elder Truscott at the Christmas Zone Conference

Elder Ndlovu and Elder Truscott at the Christmas Zone Conference

My week this week, I will tell you all about it :)

Monday we decided to drive to East London in the morning because on Tuesday we had our Christmas Zone Conference there. We thought we would just go a bit earlier and spend our P Day there. Well we just ended up chilling with other Elders, playing some sport, and messing around. Then we stayed with other Elders for the night!

Tuesday we had to be at the chapel at 8 in the morning, and the beginning was just a normal Zone Conference. We had training from the AP's and President Wood, then had everyone bear their testimony. We had a nice lunch that all the senior couples made, and then had our Zone Reports.  Then we had our little white elephant present exchange (it's white elephant because you can only spend 20 rand, this is equal to $2.00) After that we watched our movie, we watched Ephraim's Rescue. The conference was a good time, it was just fun to see a bunch of  Elders. Especially to see Elder Erickson again, haha. It felt good :)
We had a good time there, and then we drove back to Grahamstown Wednesday morning. Boy was I tired on Wednesday! I had a headache after the drive and we still had to go out and do work.....

Thursday was alright :) since Sibu is here, even though he's in the other Elders area we decided we would go teach him :) I pushed for that cause he's awesome and I wanted to! So we went up to his
place in the township and read the BOM with him a bit, and it was super cool to have a lesson with him again!

Well Friday we just had a pretty basic day. It was HOT  sweating all day long HOT....which I hate. But we went about our day, and we had an appointment at like 6 with this guy named Malachi. Well we were there and we met his sister and her ex husband. The guys name
is Douglas and he was from Scotland,  His ex wife named Sharon said she was looking for a
church, so we invited them in on our lesson. We were just teaching the Restoration. Well they sat in, and Douglas was telling us that we were "about 45 degrees off"....haha. Well he sat in on the lesson and was  great until we got to the part about Jesus. He flipped out and disagreed that Jesus was perfect and sinless....he stormed out cause he didn't agree....kinda confused the lesson a bit! Well we just continued and taught Malachi and Sharon, and about 15 minutes later in comes Douglas, he apologized, and said that "I think I'm the one that's 45 degrees off". He then proceeded to listen to the restoration through Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, and requested that he got a Book of Mormon, because he was more than interested. Pretty cool turn around! We invited them all to come to church and.....they didn't show up. But we will follow up, and it was still kinda cool :)

Sunday was decent. I gave a talk in sacrament meeting, on the Spirit of Christmas and how we can be in it. Sibu said it was good. Haha. After church we sat with Sibu and read, and then he fellowshipped with us all day! We just visited a few people cause our appointments dropped, but just being with Sibu was awesome :)

Apparently everyone is out of town right now for holiday, and that is why it's been so slow....I hope so cause so far Grahamstown has more dropped appointments and non scheduled time than Gugs.

But that is my week for you!! :) I love you so so much!!

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