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Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013

Elder Truscott at the top of Table Mountain

Elder Truscott with the Plaatjie Family

Well I will tell you all about my week this week :)

You might notice I'm on a bit later than usual...I'm sorry! This
morning we woke up early and hiked table mountain :) it was my second
time hiking it, and it was kind of a killer cause it was a lot hotter
than last time! It is Summer time now so the sun is out early ;) hahaha,
Elder Cobabe didn't make it up.....and Makombe and I sat at the top
and drank water for a bit waiting for Elder Hlophe. But it was a fun
time this morning!

I gave Sis. Eunice the rest of the candy and goodies that you sent as
well :) worked out great cause of course she cooked for us again :) it
was funny, they have never heard of s'mores here....and that is the
flavor of the pop tarts that I took this time! I told them to try them
and tell me about them.  We came to church yesterday and we saw
Sis. Eunice giving little pieces of pop tarts to the Relief Society
women who were going crazy over the pop tarts!! Hahaha. Apparently
Africans love s'mores :)

Thursday was wasn't anything special this year! It
kinda sucked to be honest. Just a normal day here in South Africa and
then I made the food that you sent me for dinner :) Hlophe and I had
some potatoes and gravy :)

As for the people here in Gugs :)
The Nono mom and daughter have officially been baptized :) it was a
pretty nice baptism!! I did both of them too :) I was super happy, I
love being the one who gets to baptize the people....I think it's
cause I'm new on my mission still and it's fun for me :)
It was a great baptism though. They were so excited. And they even
surprised us and brought brother Nkosana! That was his first time ever
coming to church and he was there to see his wife and kid be baptized
:) I was so happy when I saw him there! It was awesome!

The Plaatjie family....dang it was a tough week for them! Nwabisa's
CAT scan was this week, and the good news was that they couldn't find
anything wrong :) that was a HUGE relief for them, and I was super
happy. BUT for Nwabisa it was a tough week. She works at a bank and
early this week some guys came in and robbed the bank at gunpoint! It
was super scary for her and everyone at the bank was scared of course.
To make things worse, like 2 days later she was in the same complex as
the bank is in, and she was shopping at a place called Ackermans. Well
guess what, 5 guys with guns ran in, blocked the doorway, and aimed
the guns at everyone telling them to get down and don't say anything
or they will shoot them! Apparently Nwabisa had a gun pointed right at
her! They took the money and booked it out, but MAN was Nwabisa
terrified. She is still having a tough time emotionally cause she was
so terrified! So we have been visiting her and making sure that the
family is doing well.
Tons of our appointments dropped this week, which sucks. Like the
Gova's maid, who's name is Sandy I found out. We weren't able to teach
her this week cause Bro. Gova was at the temple in Joburg. I'm
thinking next week will be better for appointments sticking though!
That's about it on my end for this week :) just a couple of baptisms!

I will get working on those pics of the baptism but the computer that I'm on SUCKS! and wont even let me get the pics off my camera...Hopefully I can load them next week.

I love you so so much! I love and miss you like crazy!


Elder Truscott

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