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Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013 - I get my transfer news tonight!!

Elder Truscott with Akhona
Elder Truscott with Elder Hlophe

Elder Truscott, Elder Cobabe , Elder Hlophe, Elder Makombe
Elder Truscott with the Nono's recently baptized Sisanda and Anelisa

I get my transfer news tonight!!! Speculation is that I'm definitely this was my last week here!
Well my last week in gugs! Boy was it a crazy week. A crazy ending at least!

I'll start just from the beginning of the week though! That way you have to read the whole thing to get to the crazy part ;)
So Tuesday morning we didn't have anything to do, so we decided to go do something since I'm leaving! Well there is this huge memorial thing called Rhodes Memorial on the side of the mountain, and I had never been there, so us 4 decided to go up there and look around! It was actually pretty cool!!

Wednesday we went to visit Nwabisa Plaatjie's mom. Her name is Pamela, and we had an appt. with her. Well we get there and she is in bed and some guy in the house tells us that she isn't feeling well. We ask her and stuff, and she says that she hasn't eaten in 2 days, and that she just feels weak and her "nerves hurt". We gave her a blessing and left. Well that night we had an appt. with the Plaatjie's also, so we go there and we find out that Nwabisa is at her moms house and they are taking her to the clinic (they have public "clinics" that are free)! We take Langa there and follow to the clinic and just gave our support. Later in the week, on Friday, we get a call from Langa Plaatjie and he was like "Hey Elders, we need your help" they needed us to take Pamela back to the clinic cause she was feeling really weak again. We rescheduled our appointment and shot over there and took her to the clinic. Nwabisa was super freaked out and you could tell she was exhausted and worried, I felt super bad!

Friday, before the Nwabisas mom incident, we went and saw Zuko for his "going to the bush" ceremony! They had big like bush trees in his yard in kind of like a circle and he was sitting inside them naked with just his blanket on! Haha, they were slaughtering sheep and everything! It was pretty crazy! We didn't stay for the night time part cause we had appts. To get to, but it was pretty cool to see him!

Alright so Saturday was the branch Christmas party. It was a pretty fun time and then elder Hlophe and I left. We had an awesome day, and then that night it was my last appt with the Plaatjie's! I wanted to do something cool for them, so I told them that we would get dinner :) well there are like 3 burger kings in S.A., and they are the rage! The Plaatjie's had never had it and they had told us how they wanted it! So we drove to town on Saturday and I bought Burger King for everyone for our last appointment :) they were so happy! Hahaha, and afterwards they said how grateful they are that we love them, and how they can feel the genuine love we have for their family. It was pretty cool!

Ok Sunday is where things get totally INSANE! So first of all there is this young woman in the branch named Zodwa. She is like 16 or 17  and is Unam's little sister.  Well we are driving to church Sunday morning and sis. Renee calls us and tells us that Sanele won't be at church to be confirmed because Zodwa was shot 4 TIMES the night before!! We were like WHAAAT!!?? And they told us to come right after church! We drove there after church and found that family mourning like crazy! Unam was super distressed, oh my gosh it was terrible! Unam told us the story, and in short she was warned against going to this party by her family, but she went and came home, and about an hour later she went back out. The story goes that she got in a fight with her girlfriends and went to this guy in a car. Apparently she knew the guy so she got in the back seat, and like 3 minutes later there were 3 gunmen that opened fire at the guy driving. They pretty much missed him and shot Zodwa 4 times! One in each leg, one in the side, and one in the head!! So Unam and Renee invited us to the hospital to go and see Zodwa, so we drove up there following them, and went to the trauma unit. Right
as we got there she was going in for a scan to see if anything was damaged by the bullet to the head! Oh my gosh seeing this girl being wheeled out and down the hall like crying/mumbling with blood and bandages on her head....I can't even describe how bad I felt. After the scan she went back to the trauma unit and in there only one person at a time can go and see her. Unam took my oil and gave her a blessing, Renee went in and then they were like okay Elder Truscott you can go in and see her. I walked into the room and found Zodwa like perched up and she said she couldn't talk very much and had a headache. (She didn't know she was shot in the head, she only thought it was in her legs)! We talked a little bit. And it was the worst! Oh my gosh it was like the worst thing I've seen on mission, she had this wound on her head that I caught a glimpse of and I just felt so bad for her!! We spent lots of the day just with the family and talking, and I think they really appreciated our love and support.

So my week was a crazy one that just ended terribly! As far as the people here go I started handing out my member journal to people so they could write little messages in it or whatever and put their contact info so I can stay in touch :)

Zuko is off to the bush now, and it sucks that I won't be here to see how he is when he gets out! I will have to email him and stuff :) The Nono's are doing great :) Sisanda and Anelisa were confirmed
yesterday by Elder Hlophe, and then Sisanda gave the closing prayer at sacrament meeting.

Oh, and Mandela died this week too....but nothing really changed except its all we heard about for the week.

Love and miss you, Thanks again for everything that you do for me :)

Elder Truscott

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