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Monday, December 16, 2013

Transfer week :)

Map showing the location of Grahamstown, SA
Ok I will tell you all about my transfer week :) I'm officially in Grahamstown now!!
Last Monday I got my call that I'd  be going to Grahamstown with Elder Graydon as my new companion! I'll  take you through the week of getting here and everything :)
So Tuesday was packing and saying goodbyes. I took my member journal around to the members who I wanted to write in it. We had already planned with Bro. Unam and Sis. Renee that we were going to see Zodwa on Tuesday night, and they would take us out as a goodbye thing after :) so around 6:30  we met them at their place and followed them to the hospital again to see Zodwa and find out how she was doing, plus to say my goodbye. It still sucked and she still didn't look very good, but she was doing better than before. After the visit they took Hlophe and I to a mall to eat some pizza and hang out! It was super awesome, and I honestly miss Gugulethu and those people so much.

Wednesday was transfer day, so I had to be at the mission home around 9:30 to get out of there.
I am in the actual town of Grahamstown, and there is a small part of township in my area. 

Grahamstown is just a little old town, and it actually reminds me a lot of the little towns in England! There hasn't been a baptism here for a long long almost 2 years in my area, and from that I hear the work is super hard, so that sucks. Hahaha. And it's a little bit colder here than it was in Cape Town, at least the last few days have been. The chapel here is just a nice house that they rent out! Ha ha,it has a swimming pool in the middle of it where we do the baptisms if we get any! But the branch is small small small! Even smaller than Gugs!

Something cool did happen though! So Sibu is here in Grahamstown for the holidays, and I gave him a call Saturday night telling him to come to church....we walked in, and there he was :) ohhh I was so happy to see that kid! It was awesome having him there :) Made me realize how much I miss I would go back so quickly if I could.

Elder Truscott with Sibu at his baptism in Gug's

We visited a few people here this week, but to be honest I can't really report on too much cause I don't know them yet. We just taught about the restoration a few times and stuff like that, but the work is slower than Gugs! I never thought I'd say this my first month out, but boy do I miss Gugulethu!

Love and miss you so so much!


Elder Truscott

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