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Monday, March 3, 2014

March is here!

Elder Truscott in Grahamstown, SA
This week was an interesting one for sure.

Tuesday was my 7 month mark! I can't believe that I've already been out for 7 months, time keeps on ticking by! And this month will be 8 and then my 19th birthday. It will be cool :)

Wednesday was a good day, I got to know the 2nd counselor in the Branch Presidency better. His name is Bro. Solomon and he's super cool! He invited  us to come to his place Wednesday night. It was really cool and he's a super cool guy.

Thursday we had quite a few dropped appointments, kind of a slow day, but we had our home teaching with Bro. Alan that night. We go with Solomon and a recent convert named Lonwabo and visit Bro. Alan.

Friday we had a really big district meeting. The Port Alfred Elders came, we were on exchanges with the Zone Leaders so they were there, and the Boyce's came from East London! It was a good District meeting, and then afterwards we had a nice lunch and went out for the day. I was with Elder Gillespie for the exchange, and we had a super interesting day of appointments....from blessing people to rebuke spirits.

Saturday Bro. Solomon had us over for a braai cause transfers are this week, and we figure at least one of us is leaving, so he had us over and braaid and it was a nice dinner appointment :)

The students in Rhodes are all back now, so church is actually really full, and the cool thing is that the member students are starting to bring some friends with them to church and they are in our area! We had a big turn up at church this Sunday :) 9 investigators! Leticia and her son Diego, the Sinama's kids, Sandiswa, a lady named Nandile, and 2 new students from Rhodes :) it was great to see them come, we were expecting Emerald and her daughter Kaylin, but we can't complain with 9 ;) The people are doing really well. Nandile and Sandiswa, they are really great :) they accept what we say, keep their commitments, and are doing awesome. It's cool to see an area that hasn't had much success have people who are really progressing.

Emerald and her daughter, Kaylin, are great. They are lots of fun to sit with. We see them every Monday and Thursday and read the Book of Mormon with them. Trying to get them a testimony of it and then lead that into the church, cause the only problem right now is that they have their church....I hate that problem.

And of course the Sinama's are awesome :) that goes without saying. It's cool, Sokhana, the oldest daughter, prayed to close our meeting yesterday and prayed that I would stay in Grahamstown :) it's cool to have people really like you! Ha ha ha ha.

Transfer news is tonight! I imagine I'm staying, but you never know, it's all subject to change! We will see!

I love you guys and miss you like crazy!


Elder Truscott

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