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Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014

Nothing too crazy this week, even though I'm super excited to get transfer news tonight!! Ramosoeu is going home, and I'll be getting a new comp!
We did lots of travel this week too. We drove down to East London because we had the zone training and interviews with President Wood!
The plans changed unexpectedly on Thursday! We were supposed to drive to P.E. on Saturday for Ramosoeu's seminar on job interviews and getting a job and stuff after mission, but then it changed that we had to be there early on Thursday morning! So Thursday morning we were on the road again! Someone(Ramosoeu) told me it was in a place called Uitenhage, which is just off from P.E., so I drove there and we called Elder Bladder (the couple in P.E), who informed us it was actually in after a bit of a struggle  with  directions we got to the chapel there :) The training is just for Elders going home, so Ramosoeu and one other Elder sat there, and then the other guys comp, Elder Whitworth, and I left after about 30 minutes. So I spent the day with him which was nice cause he's super cool and it was a very very nice change. Haha.
Friday, since Ramosoeu is leaving, Emerald had us over that evening for a Poikikos (sp?) haha, it's just a certain way of cooking, outside over coals in a big black pot. It was super good though, and it was a great night there :)
Saturday was just a normal day of working, and then church on Sunday!
Leticia is going to be baptized the week of the 27th, so coming up soon! She wanted to be baptized this Saturday, but the Branch President wanted to postpone it so it could be more planned, so alright :) she's still super excited about it and she'll be great :)
We have been watching those restoration DVD's that you sent me, causethey are super powerful and then if they really feel the spirit I offer to have them keep it :) so Emerald and Grant and Shanice have one, and hopefully they remember that feeling they had while watching it :)

Other than that not too much happened this week! Lots of the students were still out of town for the holiday they had at university, so it was kinda slow.....but speaking of students one of our recent converts, Lonwabo, invited us to his graduation, so we went to that!
But another week down! Transfer news tonight, and start of a new transfer :) should be good!  
Elder Truscott

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