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Monday, April 7, 2014

1st Baptism in two years in Grahamstown!

Elder Truscott at the Radio Talk Show

Elder Truscott at the Sinama's for a Bday dinner

Elder Truscott with Bro. Allan

Elder Truscott, Sandwisa and Elder Ramosoeu

Last Monday was my birthday, so I e-mailed and had a relaxed day. We had our usual appt with Emerald that night. Oh my gosh do I love that family! They remembered my birthday and bought me a really nice set of deodorants and travel bag! It's amazing! Then she even had cool drink and dessert so we had a great time there last Monday before heading to the FHE.

After the FHE we got to go do a radio show for a bit! It was pretty cool. Apparently the other missionaries ran into a guy in their area who turned out to work for the radio show! So they left their number with him, and he used that number to call and ask if we'd like to go on and talk about our religion for a bit and then answer some questions from callers or him. It was pretty fun actually! I enjoyed it, ha ha ha. Next stop Hollywood ;) but we talked about the origin of the church and the restoration stuff, and then a few people called in to ask questions and stuff! We answered and left the number to contact to get missionaries to come, so it was good! Hopefully something comes
out of it :)

Tuesday the birthday love continued big time! The Sinama's had us over that afternoon because they wanted to have something special for my birthday! So they cooked a super huge meal for us and we ate with them and chilled and had a great time :) it's amazing to see these people show so much love to me! And then that night Alan had us over for my birthday dinner! So he had a super nice dinner and big dessert for us too! Ya I'm gaining weight after this week ;)

So on Saturday we had a baptism! Sandiswa got baptized Saturday morning by Elder Ramosoeu and then I confirmed her on Sunday! It was a great one! It was on a Saturday so we were hoping people would come to support, and we actually had a decent turn out! She was excited and I was super happy :) then Sunday she was confirmed and given the Holy Ghost!

After church on Sunday we went to Grant and Shanices place. We had a "goodbye Brie" for Ramosoeu! It was awesome, we chilled and had a big Brie there and ate and had a good time :) then time to make a few visits before ending the week at the Chases for dinner!
We had less appointments than usual this week, I will blame it on the fact that the University is on break so everyone went home this week so the place is kinda dead....
We met some new people though, when it's a down time we do finding, we've been tracting and following up with what we leave. One young guy we did that with, he is 17. We talked to him last week and left a pamphlet, and this week we went to go follow up! Turns out this kid is a sangoma in training (you will have to google what a sangoma is, but it's basically a traditional healer who does some wierd stuff...)  We sat with him and taught the restoration and when we were talking about the Book of Mormon he said he felt "light", so we told him that was the spirit and left him with the intro to read and set another appt!

Leticia is still doing awesome. She gave herself the 3rd week in April to be baptized so she's looking forward to that! And so are we! It will be great to see her be baptized in a few weeks! The Sinama's are great, they had that birthday thing for me and they are doing some traditional stuff at the house right now, so we didn't go again this week cause the whole family is coming from all over to be there. Haha, but we will see them this coming week and see how everything is :) maybe see a bit of the traditional stuff too. I love the traditional things, I think they are super cool.
But another week gone, and next Monday will be transfer news! My companions last week on mission....he better make the most of it ;)ha ha.


Elder Truscott

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