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Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014 Letitia Walton Baptism

Elder Sanders, Letitia and Elder Truscott
This week was a pretty average week of missionary work to be honest, with a nice ending of Letitia Walton being baptized :)
All week we just had a good few appointments every day and taught really well, so it makes for a nice week. Wednesday was Shakespeare's like 450th birthday, so Alan was into that....had us over that morning to tell us all about "Hamlet", and then that night he took us to some lecture thing by the Shakespeare society, which he's a part of.
Saturday was a nice day as well. We had conference in the morning, which we watched until the power went out....ha ha. That put an end to things there. We were invited Saturday afternoon to go and watch Kaylin do karate! There were matches and stuff going on here in Grahamstown so they said we could come watch, so all of us went up to see. Dang, it was pretty intense! Ha ha. Kaylin destroyed and we saw Sokhana Sinama there too! They all do karate so they were all there, so we got to see them all fight, it was pretty fun!
We have wanted Emerald and Kaylin to stay for the whole time at church for a while now.....and we really wanted them to see the baptism. Their only concern about coming for the whole time was that they wouldn't have time to cook when they got home....ha ha, so on Saturday night we went to Emeralds place and cooked fajitas for them that they could have and then eat after church :) it was lots of fun, and it worked, cause Emerald and Kaylin, and Lushka, a cousin, came to church and stayed for the baptism! Church was different this week because it was conference, but they still came and we tried to explain to them beforehand that it wouldn't be
the same. Conference was great though. It was really nice, and I'm glad we finally got to watch it. In between the conference sessions we had the baptism of Letitia   Nice to see her mom was there to support her :) It was awesome. She wanted me to baptize her, and she was sooo excited for it! It was cool, it was a really stormy day, really rainy, and it was like that all morning, and then just as we were getting the baptism ready the
rain slowed down to a light drizzle and the sun came out a bit, and then afterwards it was back to being stormy! Water was cold, but Letitia was wonderful, it went great :)

We saw a bunch of people this week. It seemed nice to have people holding their appointments!
We have been sitting with a girl named Precious...she has some interesting beliefs about the church, mainly cause she read this book called out of Mormonism and believed everything in it. Ha ha, she gave it to us to read, so we read it and have been doing our best to correct the misconceptions about the church and what we believe. Haha, she's super cool though, I always look forward to her appointments even though she throws bible verses on us like crazy!
Emerald and her family are great. They came, and stayed for the baptism you know....and when we visited them after church Kaylin said that she was super interested in the baptism cause it wasn't how they do it at their church, so we are going to talk to them about why we do it that way tonight :)
Sandiswa's two friends, KG and Anisipo (sisters) are super great to sit with too! They are reading and praying and finding answers.
Grant is still a super cool guy, he's just coming along. He loves the DVD thing; and prefers watching those lately, so we've just been going there and showing them a DVD and talking about what we can apply and
But ya, it was a nice week overall....boring and average, but that's better than other things I suppose :)

Elder Truscott

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