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Monday, April 21, 2014

Transfer News! 4-21-14

Elder Truscott and his new companion Elder Sanders
Transfer week!! I got Elder Sanders as my new companion, which is SOO nice. It's going to be a great transfer if the first week is any prophesy ;)
It was nice though, Monday night we got our transfer news, and I stayed in Grahamstown just like I thought I would.
Tuesday we spent saying Ramosoeu's goodbyes, and Wednesday was transfer day! It was to P.E., dropped him off at the airport, and then just hung out with other Elders until Elder Crowell (Mandas new comp) and Elder Sanders got here from Cape Town! So we got them and then drove back to GT!
Thursday to Sunday we just had a few appointments and did some work, but it was a really slow week....half the week we weren't teaching because of transfers, so we mostly just went around and set appointments for next week, so next week should be better in terms of that I introduced Sanders to some members and the investigators, and we've been having a good time together!

Friday the people here start celebrating Easter, so Friday was "good friday" and all the colored people only eat fish and hot cross buns on that day...breakfast to dinner fish...ha ha ha. So Emerald invited us
over to her place that afternoon and we had some pickled fish with her and her family! It was great :)

Saturday was Leticia's baptism interview, and then she sat with President Budaza at church, and she is going to be baptized this coming Sunday :) I'm super excited! And she said that she wants me to baptize her, so that will be really cool too! I'm super excited to see her progress and be baptized, and she's super excited for it.

The people are coming along good! Leticia is excited and ready, and we started teaching a few new people this week too. Emerald and Kaylin are cool, we just want more members to come with us so they can get used to the members and feel more comfortable! We started teaching a girl named KG (nickname) and her sister Anisipo. They are Sandiswa's friends and were interested when we were there one time, so we have been sitting with them, and they are doing really good. KG said that she prayed to know if the message of the restoration was true and felt like it was, so that is super cool! We are seeing them a couple times a week and they are really good! We also sat with a lady named Precious. She is Nandiles friend and randomly SMS'd us to sit with us. We mainly disagree about the apostasy...she doesn't think it happened....and she thinks after Christ all is finished and we don't need anything but to accept him, and gave us this book about a lady who joined and then left the LDS church....she found it in her church library, ha ha. But it was good, were seeing good people and I'm beyond excited to have a new companion!

Love and miss you so so much!


Elder Truscott

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