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Monday, June 2, 2014

Well.....I'm officially out of Grahamstown - June 2, 2014

Leaving the Bouwer Family (Emerald and her family) was tough. They are
super cool.

Saying goodbye to the Sinama was pretty tough :(

Sanders and I departing at the airport.

Elder Pulu and I at the mission home in Cape was rainy., ha ha ha.

Well I'm officially out of Grahamstown!! I'm working back in Cape Town now! An area called Table View, with Elder Pulu. He's a Tongan guy who has been out on mission for about 5 months now. He's super cool too.
So far were getting along really well....which is probably good since it's only been a few days, hahaha.
So I got my call on Monday night, when they told me I was coming back to Cape Town! Sooo I pretty much started my packing up cause I had tons of stuff to get out of Grahamstown. Haha.
Tuesday I was finishing up my packing and went around and said goodbye to the people there. Haha, I had to buy 4 boxes from the post office and ship tons of stuff to I should be getting all my stuff soon ;) haha. But I said my goodbyes on Tuesday too....and it was pretty tough. I was in Grahamstown for 6 months, and I was ready to leave, but I also really loved the people there. I went and said goodbye to a bunch of people throughout the day, and then it got really hard toward the evening time. When I went over to Grant and Shanice's place, Letitia was there. They had been planning for me. Shanice and Letitia had baked a double layer cake for us to have while we talked and said goodbye. It was a nice time, we laughed and joked, and ate the cake. Then it came time to say goodbye. It sucked. And Shanice and Grant said it's an "until next time" cause I'll come back after with you guys. So I was saying goodbye and Letitia was tearing up, and then I turned to Shanice and she was holding Casey and she was tearing up, and it was really hard. I dare say Grant was too but he stepped out, and they even bought me a little gift to say goodbye. I love those people so much. It was hard for me!
After that I went up to the Sinama's, and I was super disappointed cause the mom had been off work all week, and was supposed to be I showed up there, and the kids were all sitting there, and they told me that mom had been called into work :( it really I said goodbye to the kids, and then they called the mom at work and I said goodbye to her over the phone. That family was really hard to say goodbye to too.... But I managed to say goodbye to most people, so it was good.
Then Wednesday morning we woke up super super early and drove to East London so I could get on my flight. And off I was....back in Cape Town! Being back in Cape Town made it a really nice week for post, cause now I didn't have to wait for them to ship it out to Grahamstown  who knows I got to pick up all the packages waiting for me :)
Hahahahahahaha, yes.....I got Alex's package.....that kid is freaking funny. Hahaha, Pulu and I laughed so freakin hard. It is legendary. And then I got a few from you guys too :) I got the one with the cereal, Mac and cheese, jerky, oatmeal, and other goodies! Thank you so much. Then I got the one with the new towels, and then the camera came! Aaaaand just as a cherry on top the vitamin waters came too :)
Thank you so much mom :) it's great getting them, and I really appreciate it :) I love you so much!!
This week Elder Pulu just kind of took me around and I got to know the investigators and some of the members, and it was nice. There are some nice people here that I've met so it's been good. I still miss Grahamstown a bit, mostly the people I mean, but Table View will be good I'm sure :)
I miss you so much!

Elder Truscott

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