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Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014

Elder Truscott with Elder Pulu

Views of Table Mountain from Table View

This week was already week 4 of this transfer. And it was pretty good. Some scary stuff happened !  We just had a normal p day last Monday of playing basketball, we  played pretty much all day, and it was alright.....even though I don't  really like basketball.....but there wasn't much else going on. Beggars can't be choosers.

 But Tuesday we had zone conference! So I got to see all the  missionaries around Cape Town! It was a good one, President Wood's last  conference, and it was on scripture study....why it's important for us  and why we need to help investigators study properly. It was nice. A loooong time, of course, we were there at 8 and got done around 5:30.  But each zone puts together a musical number, and ours was very last so  we did the first bit of Army of Helaman, and then we transitioned to  the one that's like "God be with you till we meet again", and on the  third verse everyone joined in and stood up.....ya it was a tear jerker for President and Sister Wood. hahaha.

 Then Wednesday we had interviews with President Wood. It went good, we  just talked about Table View and how I'm doing good! It was funny, he started talking to me about an accident that happened in GT, but he didn’t know that Sanders was after he learned that it wasn’t me things were better :)  I was happy with it though that's for sure....

Wednesday night was when things got freakin wierd....but let me tell  the whole story. Ok so for about a week or so before this, we had been  leaving before our last few appts at night, and when we got home there  would be a light or two on....and we swore we had all the lights off,  but whatever, it was probably us, right? Well then on Wednesday we got  home from our last appointment, and most of the lights were on, and we  knew we didn't leave that many! So we went up, and as always our  security gate was locked up. So we unlocked and went in, and Elder  Pulus ukulele was across the room from where it was, the lotions that  we had on the counter were knocked off onto the floor, And when we  turned, the three top cupboards in the kitchen were wide open....and  they all go different directions so it wasn't wind.....well safe to  say we freaked the heck out! We ended up calling the zone leaders, who  told us to dedicate the flat, get the complex security, and then go  sleep with the district leader, Elder Swacina, and Elder Rasmussen.  So we did.....but daaaang!! We were freaking out! Nobody else has  keys....and nothing was stolen at all!  So I bought a gopro to try and set up if wierd things kept happening  to try and see what it is....but since we dedicated it nothing has  happened....but it pretty much scared the crap out of Pulu and I!

 The rest of the week was just appointments as usual.....did some  knocking to try and find some new people, and a lot of people have actually let us into their houses! It's been nice :) so we found a few  new people to hopefully see in the near future and then saw the ones  we had appointments with already. It wasn't too bad of a week, besides  being haunted....haha.

I love you!

Elder Truscott

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