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Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014

This week was pretty much average. Nothing too crazy happened, just a week of meeting people still and getting to teach a few appointments. When I got here the first time we planned and there was a huge list of investigators, and we didn't really see many of them, so this week we kind of narrowed it down to the people they saw last transfer, and then decided who we really wanted to see this week, so lots of this week we were just trying to meet and set up appointments for next week. Mixed in with a few dropped appointments......
Wednesday we had a full day of appointments, like completely booked from 10:30.....and then we taught only 4 of them, which still isn't bad, but so far I think there are lots of dropped appointments here, ha ha. Luckily I'm with Elder Pulu who is super cool so it's not all bad!
The rest of the week we just tried to find and teach people.....we had a few appointments each day, and we tried to find new people, so hopefully a few of those appointments hold this week! We will see!
I really like the members in this ward though, they are really nice and super cool to that always helps! Ha ha. Plus from who I've met so far we have some pretty good investigators that I think could be really good, so I'm still excited! Ha ha, the highlight of my week this week was seeing a dude on a bullet bike eat it on the road. He was flying through traffic in between cars, and then had to swerve out of the way of this Audi that was just driving...and then he ate it! His bike just went flying and sparked all over when it was hitting the road, and we thought for sure the guy got ran over by the Audi....but then he was just walking towards his bike, hopped right up! Ha ha. It was crazy.
This week was pretty uneventful, just Pulu and I working around Table View, but next week I have exchanges twice I am with the district leader on Tuesday, and the zone leader on I'll get to go out to the different areas and hopefully something cool will happen ;) ha ha.
Well that is it for this week
I love you

Elder Truscott

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